cool ride

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Pretty basic loop nothing specail. its in drum and bass because it has a drum and a bass



It was great, i loved it, it was simple yet effective. Only one thing i would say, which is to keep the drums going at the end and make it into a loop.


I don´t know if it´s enough that it has drums and a bass for it to being a Drum N Bass song... I guess you´ll have to have a lot of the m for it.

Well, it´s kinda basic, yes. Too bad these drum loops may be way too short and annoying when you review and/or listen to it.

You shouldn´t have faded the stuff out in the end, because it just makes it not loop, and it´s supposed to actually loop, so I think you could have it the same all the way.

At certain parts I was truly disappointed that you didn´t have anything than the original stuff to add on the track. Therefore it got boring as ******* ****.

But the different stuff´s melodies and patterns are all, pretty basic and simple. Some may say that´s simplicity is the best, but complexity is what really takes effort, and I doubt you put much of THAT specie in it. Therefore, your effort rate will be 6.

Your originality, here, I must say, there is a very big lack. All your instruments here are laready used as much as ever, and the melody isn´t especially flavoured or interesting in any way. Originality: 6

It didn´t have any outstanding clarity in this one, and it was all about having it done, so at times there is clipping, not noticable if you don´t seek it, but it is there. Clarity: 7

You could put a lot more effort in the song, adding a lot more, because this track is very empty and way too basic for my tastes. The melody is kind of bland. Not much diversity in it either, as you see it´s a very basic and repeating track which has a clear lack of diversity. I put a 4 there.

This track wasn´t good. Not at all. You need much more diversity and a lot more thought into this song. The overall score I give you is 5, far belove average.

There, 1 review done, 9 to go.

Sandwhich-lord responds:

i cry

A bit special.

I like the beginning guitar, edgy but very "cool" and is great for the song, although repetitiveness follows. The drums are ok, but a bit more stuff could've happened, like cymbals and fills. This would be a great loop for a flash though, although I'm not sure where it would sound the best.



That was indeed cool. Very little to analyze about this. Only about four or five notes descending on the bass, transposed for a while in the middle... I liked the fact that you used rael instruments, and you didn't suck at them.

So. Yeah. Good work.

Sandwhich-lord responds:

now i feel bad that i was sent this by someone else mabe i'll buy a bass to show off my skills

Cool Little Loop!

Nice Lil loop here man! longer than i was expecting! (I think) pretty cool!

Sandwhich-lord responds:

thanks dude yeah i explained why on the forum

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1.95 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2006
9:14 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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