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An Experimental/Glitch Hop tune.

For you game developers, this would work well with a boss fight or cut scene.


I like the idea. I've been doing Electro orchestra for 5yrs. Its my favorite genre. There's alot of work that needs to be done.

1. Its not dubstep. the pace is too fast for dubstep. I didn't really hear anything orchestral about this piece. Its just a mix of pads which is more electro then orchestral. I'd say this is more industrial. Its also a little repetitive but that's just my opinion.

2. It needs to be mixed better. Its also very loud and should be at a reasonable volume for the average computer. which varies.

3. It lacks something to keep it on repeat. When you make music. You really want to make sure you like it. A melody really helps to keep the song favorable. Length shouldn't matter. Just creating something that you'll fall in love with. Its an art. Feel your music and I promise you will have better results.

I voted you a 5 but am reviewing you a 2.5 because I see lots of potential, not to be harsh. Just to help you see more into creating music.

I hope I helped and didn't come off as trying to trash your music which is something I would never do!

Good Luck in your future soundtracks (:

RewrittenVerdict responds:

No man, you're fine, I love criticism...

For one, yes I know it's not Dubstep, however, that's more so Newgrounds' fault for the lack of genre labeling.

The reason why I tagged it under Orchestral is because of a lot if the strings and bells, even the percussion at some times.

Lastly, I'ts a dark sounding, cinematic, glitch hop song. I may be wrong here do please tell me if I am, but I've assumed that dark sounding songs don't need anything catchy to bring the listen back, mainly because that's not what this is for. I mean, yeah, it's music, it's supposed to be listened to, but not in a manner as say a happy song, in which more fits the tone of being on repeat.

However, I thank you for leaving criticism and, just being overall not to harsh. :)

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4.73 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2015
5:01 PM EDT
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