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Little trance project. Throwing some logs on so the fire won't die :)


Yay, more...Synteza?

The other day I was searching around for your work as I usually do, because you're undoubtfully the best here, no matter what you or anyone else thinks. And I couldn't find you, so I looked at my review history and clicked on your profile, and realized you changed your alias again. I liked Extracy, don't know much about this new name, but if it works for you...lol.

I've reviewed practically all of your work and told you the same thing over and over, "You're the best," "Awesome work!" blah blah. So you already know what I am going to say. I'm only going to tell you to keep submitting more of your work on this site, and perhaps others (I googled you and found some other sites with longer pieces by you), because you got a lot of talent and you should definetely get some more of your talent circulating the web. I look forward to hearing more of you in the future.

synteza responds:

I think I'll end up just being Milosz (is my name)

yay, old times

I am gunna see if I can write soem lyrics so I can sing it while I am listening to this :P

It's hard going to long without a song by you, or at least a full song... I pretty much only hear voice clips of your latest works, which keeps me going. And I must say, I dont have a tagline for you anymore. I used to say that "Oh boy, I can't wait to get my daily fix"... But now your name isn't really Extracy anymore, I sort of shot myself in the foot for that one.

Keep in touch...


Yea, I turned my name back for a bit, dont make fun!

synteza responds:

Bloo-Ray? MAN! You change names more than me!

Nice way to return

First off, I'm thrilled that you've finally posted some new material, and that while it has that certain similarity with your other songs, it still stands out as its own song. Secondly, I'd like to ask you if there's any way I could get my hands on more of your songs (MSN? E-mail?), I'm positive that you've been asked this before, but I thought I'd ask you first rather than simply sending you a random e-mail.

Anyways, back to the song. The bass is very catchy, and I found the melody that comes in a bit later to be one of your better ones, the ambient noises in the background add a cool feel to the song, and make it sound much fuller than had they not been there. The only problems I can see with this song would be how it's a tad repetitive, the bass may be great, but it's played for the entire song with little variation. Also, the melody that comes in is short lived, as with the rest of the song.

Nice to see you're still making music, keep it up. :)

synteza responds:

This song is pretty much a slaptogether, made because I felt like putting something here. That's not an excuse or anything, that's just what this happens to be :P

Anyhoo, agreed on everything, too short, too repetitive, etc.

Thanks, you keep it up too

Ha Milosz

You cant get away from me by changing your name thaaat easy. Lol nice song milosz, its sorta more housey IMO, like the bassline, make the full version or i will harass you. Jk milosz.


synteza responds:


It deserves to be in House

It wasnt as much trance as house =/ but I liked it a lot, make more like these but If it sounds like this, put it in House =P

synteza responds:

Complain more, make me feel better.

Thanks for the kind words though :)

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Oct 29, 2006
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