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Chocobo ROBOVoice Test

Download this loop!

Author Comments

After months, I've found the windows equivalent! This is only a test! Comments!


I'm honestly surprised that in our day and age there is anyone who listens to rpg music who does not know what a Chocobo is. See after my review for the song Chocobo Information.

Now that the Chocobo issue is dealt with, The original song was on Legendary Frog and was really good, this version is pretty good as well. Very well done test...the few errors in tempo from your voice xbrav is barely noticeable.

For all of those who know what a Chocobo is, ignore the next part (unless you want to know details of a particular type of Chocobo) Also there may be some colors I have missed.

A chocobo is a large bird kind of like a cross between an Ostrich and a baby chicken. It has a strange mix of cuteness (mainly from the baby chicken) but with height even greater than an Ostrich. They are also...well if the game was western, they'd be the equivalent of Horses as the party usually ride Chocobos to their destination. They are usually Yellow (which is a standard Chocobo). That said colors have ranged greatly throughout the series.

Yellow Chocobo - Standard Chocobo. Can run on land (FFIV was an exception as yellow could run through rivers as well). In Final Fantasy Tactics, the yellow Chocobo was very helpful as not only could it do good damage with its beak, but it could also heal the party.

White Chocobo - MP Restorative Chocobo (FFIV in particular), Gives something very good in FFVII (long time so I don't remember precisely what, I think it was either a key or a materia).

Black Chocobo - FFIV, FFV - Flying Chocobo. Cannot fly over mountains and can only land in Forests. It will return to its home forest (with your character) the moment you get on the chocobo (FFV it stayed and became like a weaker airship). FFVII it could climb mountains and cross rivers (as well as run in shallow water). It was also the famous Rider Joe's Chocobo (which was your main competition in Chocobo Racing, also known as Teioh). Finally it is the second form from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the weakest of all three, however it has Choco Esuna which heals status, can fly (only flying Chocobo in that game) and also uses Choco Ball as well as Choco Beak.

Light Blue Chocobo - Usually purely a river and Shallows Chocobo. (Despite it not being the best Chocobo, it is my ALL time favorite Chocobo, so adorable...ahem).

Dark Blue Chocobo - Choco's second to last form. It ran precisely like the Golden Chocobo of FFVII (running on Ocean, Shallow Water, Mountains and able to enter land from any angle). Basically Choco's final form is an upgrade from the Golden Chocobo of FFVII. Also one of the FFVII's racing Chocobo Colors. In the race it runs like a normal chocobo rather than the super powered Choco.

Red Chocobo - Choco's form, Mountain climbing Variety. It is also the ultimate version of Chocobo from Final Fantasy Tactics, able to summon small meteors to crash into their enemies, use Choco Balls and strike with their beak.

Green Chocobo - Shows up in FFVII in particular (don't remember if one of Choco's forms is green in IX or not though). This chocobo is a mountain climber and also is unaffected by the zones that slow down riders (Much like Black and Gold)

Golden Chocobo - Some have labelled it as the ultimate Chocobo. It can travel anywhere, on land, water and even across the oceans. It also doesn't need a beach to enter the ocean. It also never tires (and any Golden Chocobo can crush every Chocobo Race with ease). It is also the hardest Chocobo to get in FFVII (not including beating Ruby Weapon).

Fat Chocobo - Shows up in multiple games, usually the ruler of the chocobos (if there is any society for them referring to the Chocobo's Paradise mostly). It is also in FFIV and stores your items, weapons and armor....by eating them then spitting them up when you want them back....kinda gross really. Is also an alternate summon from the Choco/Mog Materia in FFVII (less likely to be summoned, however the damage is immense for that stage in the game)

Ultimate Chocobo - Looks nearly identical to the Yellow Chocobo save one thing...black stripes (at least I think that's what they are) on the wings. This is Choco's ultimate form (FFIX) and not only can Choco do everything a Gold Chocobo can do, but it can also do the same thing FFIV's black Chocobo version (coughs FLY). So far I've only seen Choco do this.

Extra Colors...

Red (FFVII), Pink (FFVII), Purple (FFVII) - All standard chocobos (like the yellow) but they are the riders chocobos. There is also a darker blue, but see above about that one. The green Chocobo (if you bet on races) does NOT have the ability to race through the slow down zones so you can't use that as a deciding factor. White Chocobo (in races) is just another color like the yellow Chocobo.

At any rate, if anyone doesn't know about Chocobos, that should give all the details one could need.


Although I think I should point out without the lyrics these robo songs wouldn't be so popular. make more stuff like this


No doubt.


I ageer with this song 100%

and what the heck erickthesonicfan how can you not know?


please add a full version bucoue i cant find the original anywhere

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Feb 13, 2004
10:16 PM EST
Video Game
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