For The Fallen

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Oh hell, look at that. I've started another "side project". Please enjoy the first track of my experimental album "The Fall"!

This is the soundtrack to a game that doesn't exist. I've always wanted to compose the music for a story-driven jRPG (it's the 3rd thing on my musician bucket list), but I haven't come across many opportunities.

With this track, I used a primitive piano soundfont and drumkit to emulate a retro rpg style. I took a lot of inspiration from musicians like Lucidshadowdreamer and Troisnyx, who are amazing musicians. LSD composes beautiful piano songs, and I've always wanted to create something as beautiful as he could. I hope this is a step in the right direction.

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Well, this certainly is a very...inspired piece. ;) I like the simplicity and emotion at the beginning. The melodies are hauntingly beautiful while still being relatively simple, and the echo-y quality of the snare just compliments the mood and atmosphere here very well. I also love the pacing of the piece: it just has these little bursts of melody at times, like I'm being spoon-fed from a giant jar of musical goodness until I eat the whole thing. The loop isn't perfect, but I think it was a good decision to loop it. It seems to be very fitting for a videogame, perhaps a pensive puzzle game or something. I thought the latter 1/3 or so of the piece wasn't really that engaging, btw, but the piece still has a sort of admirable continuity about it. Good job, man! ;D

This. Is. AMAZING. I'm currently working on a role play game, and I was looking for some music to fit the Possessed Ruins, and THIS was perfect for it! Thank you so much! [All credit is given within the game, no worries.]

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Make sure to send me a link to the game when you've finished!

I'll give you a good rating cuz y not. Only 4 stars given cos it's not sad, to me atleast. Lyrics give me the inspiration of real emotion and sensitivity. But the song is nice and peaceful, but I feel kinda tired now from listening to it. Weird. Also, I just hate Halloween because of the evilness that I feel that certain day has. Even tho I also got a heart attack because of a jumpscare, it's really not too scary now. It's just creepy and just all around a big NOPE. Plus, I feel as if this Halloween might be different from others, in just a way. Idk why tho. Just saying that cos you put Halloween2015 as one of things.

larrynachos responds:


If this was an a track for an RPG game or something I think it would fit in an underwater cave or an abandoned ________(insert public place here)... Think of it being kind of like Lower Maridia from Super Metroid. It's similar in my ears. You should listen to it from youtube or something if you haven't already.... Anyways, nice job. I don't see any relation to Halloween though. Good luck in the contest!

larrynachos responds:

Actually, I would really have thought of this song as the main menu theme. I suppose it would also work for an abandoned village or something. I'll have to throw it into RPG maker sometime and see how the atmosphere reacts to it.

Thanks for the review!

I looked at your first review and saw you wanted some feedback on your percussion, i'm here to give you that. The drums were spot on, not dominating the track but not that you had to strain your ears to listen to them. Also, you work the mood of the song perfectly to produce a sad mood that makes me want to go somewhere and cry. Great song!

larrynachos responds:

Ah, thanks for the reassurance! I was really worried that the percussion was out of place. Thanks for putting my qualms to rest.

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Oct 12, 2015
10:38 PM EDT
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