Past, Meet Present

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So for 2 1/2 days work, I'm quite proud of how this came out.

It's rare I meddle with synths, but with really tough competition this round, I had to up my game.

Bringing back the 8-bit metal, aw ye.

Best of luck to Bassfiddlejones + Joshgawaldomusic this round! :)

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00:00-00:37 = feel like in the war,which i was at the city that full of fogs
00:37-01:30 = feel has been helped by the mystery chosen soldier,which they all girls :P
01:31-01:50 = got dropped to the sea and found the Atlantis city
01:52-02:47 = get back from sea with powerfull weapon from Atlantis and SHOWDOWN !!
02:48-03:17 = meet the Big Boss,which full of exploding missiles,and also heated lasers
03:18-END = Helped by those girls and got grabbed bye the girls to the home
AWESOME,DUDE,I GIVE YOU 100/100,but...hey,why it's only 10/10 ??? anyway,KEEP IT UP =D \m/

Dude, this is sick. Especially loved the part at 1:30. You've got some amazing production quality and some insane shredding skills. Let us collab and melt faces together sometime soon :D

NGADM Review:

This is really awesome man. Everyone has been commenting on the synth, but honestly I like it a lot. The melodies you have are pretty great too man, and obviously your production is up to standard as usual. The melodies flow really nicely from one point to the next. I would have liked a little more dynamics on the entire track. I think rhythmically, your dynamics are AWESOME, it's just that on the full scale of part to part, it's a little too all rise, if you get what I mean. The reason I gave this a 9/10 was because relative to Bass Fiddle and Josh, I felt you guys had an equally great track for different reasons. Some shortcomings in your track he made up for and I just had to give you guys both the same score. You are super talented man, your production decisions and ideas are brilliant. Keep it up man.



This is an NGADM 2015 Review.

Damn solid track here. I think your production in this entry was a bit of a step above the last one, nothing sticks out more than it should - solid mastering, as well. Sick melodies and chord progressions (especially at 3 minutes, ooh) and I really enjoy how frequently you switch it all up and keep the song flowing and interesting! It’s quite engaging.

While the sheer variety of melodies in this song is certainly a strength, i think it works to your detriment a little as well - I found that the song lost direction a little after a while, and it became a little inconsistent. The way that you repeated part of the melody from 00:38 at 03:16 was a great example of what you should have done more of, in my opinion. The variance you added on it in the second repetition worked fantastically for transitioning to an outro as well, and I think more of this kind of thing would create a greater feeling of consistency. That said, you don’t have to do that; I think what you did worked quite well either way.

One other structural thought I had related to the intro - you don’t really have one. The percussion starts up pretty much straight away; and while you do have a nice arpeggio for the first 14 seconds which differentiates the start from most of the song, it doesn’t really feel like an intro. This also reminds me, you don’t have many moments without percussion in your song; which isn’t necessarily bad in itself (especially with how much variance you already have), but it would be nice to have some softer sections. That’s an opinion, though!

I see a few people mentioning the synth you used, but I didn’t find it out of place too much myself at all, honestly.

Real solid track, man; keep at it!

This is an NGADM Round 3 Review.


You're getting some pretty high praise from the reviews. Guitar lord of the Audio Portal, Newgrounds' king of metal... and while these are pretty big things to be throwing out, there really is a lot of truth behind them. You are freaking excellent at what you do, and while calling you the best metal musician on NG would discredit all the other awesome metalheads I know of on here, I do consider you one of the absolute best.

There's a lot of fun stuff in this track, from the changes in time signature that are pleasantly complex to listen to, to the excellent melodic work in sections like 1:30, 2:10, and 3:29, to the usual superhuman fast-paced guitar solos, to the part at 3:01 which I keep listening back to because of how damn well you pulled that off. As always, your production is immaculate (maybe work on the stuff MetalRenard mentioned but I wouldn't be able to give advice on that because my ear sucks lol), and the guitar playing is at the same sky-high standard you've presented us with for so long now.

If I had to mention any complaints, most of them would be echoes of what the previous judges have said. I agree that the synth felt out of place and that this song gets tiring and in need of a break somewhere (but I felt like I should attribute that latter complaint to me being accustomed to more dynamic genres of music). It's times like this that I wish I didn't take so long to write my reviews, so that what I write will actually be original haha.

Having said all that, my main complaint, which is what lost the most points for me, is that I feel like this has less direction from your previous tracks. It starts off with an almost apocalyptic mood, with use of the harmonic minor and an overall tense atmosphere. All of a sudden it switches to a more upbeat, "head-banging" mood before a minute has even passed, and then at 1:30 it jumps to a more rhythmic and slow pace. While I adore the variety, it felt like I was exploring a collection of different song ideas, rather than one cohesive and varied experience, which is what you were ostensibly going for. I asked myself "what is he getting at?" while listening to this track, and when that previous melody was reintroduced again at 3:16, instead of feeling like the whole track is coming together, it simply felt like you looped through your list of ideas and went back to your first one, if you get what I mean. This is essentially a structural issue, that can be fixed with a more thoughtful balance of different sections and a more progressive and sensible flow between them.

And those are my two cents. Let me just say that while this doesn't provide the singular, cohesive listening experience I was hoping for, each individual section was truly brilliant. Thanks for taking part in the competition, and I hope that, if there is a next year, we'll see you again!


SCORE: 9.0/10

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4.48 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2015
9:37 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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