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Author Comments

Sometimes I feel like I can touch the clouds if I reach high enough.

So I finished this track a long, long time ago. I figured it was about time the Newgrounds folk around here got this release. Welcome to Floating! This track has three phases, which I'll explain now:

Phase 1 - Introduction scene. This is where are the main elements which the entire song revolves around are introduced.
Phase 2 - Transition scene. This is where Phase 1 goes and explores new terrain in preparation for what is to come.
Phase 3 - Final scene. This is where everything known in Phase 1 and everything learned in Phase 2 gets put together in one big mashup.

Enjoy. I worked hard on this track!


Interesting sound design I must say. You got a true understanding at blending your synths together.
Then you transition into a piano riff and THEN a dark atmosphere with that awful heartbeat. Man what a trip.
The FX and how they pan are just amazing. It's like after every transition, a scene is playing in my head, yet its not connected. but that doesn't matter.

At 5:41 when it gets full again sounded awesome (as you tagged it)

I have nothing to complain about from what I heard in my phones. But given what others are saying in their monitors, maybe there is something to take note on - car speakers if possible? - I find that a car always tells you EVERYTHING thats wrong with a mix.

All in all, it was pretty sick! You really know how to accomplish your stereo spread.
Great work!

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1f1n1ty responds:

Thanks for the review!

The intention was for the song to tell a connected story of a generally archetypal journey, with the whole call to adventure, rising action, challenges and temptations, ordeal, climax, etc kind of thing. But the actual content of the scene was left ambiguous, for the listener to decide on. Glad you liked it!

5:41 is truly my favorite part of the song, despite possible poor mixing.

Car speakers? How do I even play this song in a car I have no idea :/ Seems like a good idea, but I would have to ask permission to use my parents' car. Overall, I'm pretty sure my mixing is terrible, as it usually is. I mix through headphones on my computer. And they aren't good headphones...

Stereo spread? I can barely hear most stereo on my headphones unless it's panned over 75 percent to one side. I do remember panning things, though, so I'm glad it turned out well!

Once again, thanks for the review! Feedback is appreciated. :)

At first i thought he main synth lead at the beginning was weird but the strange vibrato grew on me.

Love the chill aprt with the arpegies, got a vibe from Tower of Heaven, kinda chiptun-ish. I am not fond of the later key change, i think it could have been done in a better, smoother way. The piano is nice but the effects overload, sounds really crappy on my speakers despite being well mixed and good sounding in my phones. You should try to hear your track in more than one setup to see how they sound their. Sometimes a sng sounds perfect in some profesional headphones, but like crap in some Ipod earbuds. Aside from that i really enjoyed the track, specially the ending, keep up the good work!

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1f1n1ty responds:

Yes, I got a review from the 5th place winner of NGAUC! Thanks for reviewing!

Strange vibrato lol

You spelled "part" wrong. Or is it "apart"? Great, now I'm not sure whether you like or dislike the arps due to a simple typo. :/

I don't know what Tower of Heaven is XD

Yeah... the key change was meant to symbolize something. I felt people might not like it because of context, but maybe it just wasn't smooth. I don't know, my tactic for creating the change was to shift the top note down one semitone each chord and then fill the rest in with what sounded dark and creepy. It might not have been a 100-percent sure-fire tactic, but it worked at least on the surface level.

The effects sound okay on my headphones. I honestly don't have many other setups I can try. I mean, I can unplug my headphones and try my earbuds, but I can't really listen to it on a phone until it's publicly released and then it's too late. And I don't have speakers :P I dunno, maybe there are ways.

Thanks! I liked the drop the most, but the ending is really cool, too! ;)

your song is very nice but I don't like the arpeggios after 2:45. They kinda sounds weird. I think there are some notes out of scale

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1f1n1ty responds:

I tried my best with the arps at 2:45, I can understand you thinking they sound weird. There are no notes out of scale until I start changing keys. After that there might be a few.

Thanks for the review!

this song makes you feel invincible it's incredible!

1f1n1ty responds:

I like being invincible! :D

Amazing track! It has cool melody. I really like arpeggios and that cool intro lead :) Good job!

1f1n1ty responds:

Thanks! Feedback is always appreciated.

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Sep 26, 2015
3:32 PM EDT
File Info
8.9 MB
7 min 48 sec
4.63 / 5.00

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