Greensleeves (MAC6)

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yeah, it's not quite industrial... but it's not quite anything else either

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Nice flow

This song goes smoothly into my ears, and I guess I could listen to that melody half a day. Still, as the others said, some of the elements just do not fit together. The contrast between soft flute / synth elements and the rather (!) rough techno stuff is somehow disturbing.

But, to put this small feedback to good ends, it is definitely one of the better Greensleeves remixes I have heard so far.

Have a nice sunday.

attemptedperfection responds:

Thank you for the constructive feedback!


After completing my judging, allowing myself to be less picky again :)

Yeah, I really dig this kind of stuff, because it's so cunningly goofy! You have constructed some great patterns, here, that can alternate eachother quite virtuously (which they do) and this leads to a very diverse piece of track, tied together mostly by the drums. So good thing the drums are so consistent, although they could've been fancied up a notch by throwing in a little fill here and there.

I've just had an idee-fixe, this may be going totally nowhere, but bear with me:
When listening to unconventional music, the mind automatically searches for clear signs of dislike and it is only when there is nothing "negative" to think about it, that the mind opens itself to new possibly aesthetical values.

Because if this were true, I think the drums might've been the "negative" factor, the savior of the conservativity.

Otherwise well done, very cockily turning some of the most awful trance/techno synths I've ever heard into powerful tools!

Oh yeah, I write the darndest things.

Anyway, nice reviewing you again, consider this very fifened. See you around.

- The Tang

attemptedperfection responds:

aww, why does everyone pick on my horrible techno synths? :P
anyway, nice hearing from you again,
and thanks for the fifen!
...and the review, of course

MAC Oct Christmas Review

This is the MAC Oct Christmas Review for your remix entitled "Greensleeves."

I was going to give you a higher score, but then you threw in the techno synths and that just destroyed the mood for me >:( lol

anyway, lets start with positives. The song was pretty damn good for a remix, ive never heard it done like this before. the main melody at the beginning should be brought out more though, it can be hard to hear it in some places. remember, NG doesnt have Equalizers...

the flute part was like a curve ball into my brain. it reminded me of Robin Hood, but it was a very nice breakdown to new instruments. it was a nice tough though, but the techno part after. it just doesnt fit AT ALL. next time, reconsider the choice of your instruments. Organ, flute, then techno synth? doesnt fit, see?

i was expected a heavier Kick too when the snare came in and not just toms. maybe lower them an octave each to give more depth.

i also noticed no bass, but thats ok, i dont think this song needed one.

As a Christmas Song, i have to say yes [duh] as its remix of Christmas songs.

overall, i enjoyed it except for the Godforsaken techno part. time to break it down to the nitty gritty.

4.8/10 Originality - not you songs, so i had to score low.
9.1/10 Clarity - very good sounding overall, except for sound levels here and there
10/10 Diversity - if i didnt give you a perfect 10 here, id be lying.
9.7/10 Effort - a lot of work must have been done. congrats i guess lol
9.6/10 Appeal - even the techno part cant hinder this song from being kickass
9.2 My Overall Score - loved it

Adjusted MAC Overall Score - 79
it not being an original costs you points since all the others im reviewing are originals [as far as i can tell]

NOTE: im going to give you a 9/10 on this review and a 5 vote. congrats

attemptedperfection responds:

hahaha, sorry I offended you with my techno synths, but I'm glad you liked the rest of it. thanks for the review!

Loving it

I never knew why, but this was always my favorite song aroudn christmas time. I've always loved the melody and reminds me a lot of christmas.

You defently recreated the melody greatly and put an orginal touch on the song. While the drums were a bit weak for an industrial track, they were a nice touch.

Around the end it had me feeling it was a videogame remix of the song, with all the sounds and synths you used.

Very good job on an awsome track.



attemptedperfection responds:

'tis one of my favorite tunes as well ^_^
thanks for the review!

fuck that guy

I hate people like that. This shit is awsome. :) I love remixes of the classical stuff.

attemptedperfection responds:

glad you liked it ^_^

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4.30 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2006
4:12 PM EDT
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