Festival of Spectres

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Part 2/3 of my Midnight series, Tetris this time. Comments please!

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recipe for instant ten from me

Have epic piano

it was awesome i would be able to play all but one part of the chorus piano, the name of what it is called escapes me and it's impossible for me to really describe what it is so you know what an example will do, something similar or exactly the same as 3:32's piano, that earned about the whole score from me. And yes i know that part is in the song 978 times, that just happens to be where i was at the moment.

so in future songs...if you ever read this review...include epic piano (if it fits of course).

Mataro responds:

Moar epic piano? I think I can manage that. Sort of. Maybe. I'll try:X

Thanks for the review, Brawllord, I appreciate it :D


I wouldn't call it ambient, but it's cool anyway.

Imma goin weirdo

Haha, this sounds totally different from the other, at least it's not that repeatative. You could have kept the mood though, it would give more intergration into the tracks.

And this does sound like Tetris. A bit much too.... lawl.

But if it's a remix it's really a good one.

This sounds more like a folk dance soundtrack than anything else. therefore the ood from the first is totally lost, except for some scary FX in it.

Mataro responds:

Folk... Dance..? Well I have failed miserably it seems! I actually had a ton of fun with this track, and after reviewing it a short while ago, i realized I could have done alot better, the effects needed some fine-tuning, reverb would have helped.. (This was before I knew about effects... And automation... -.-') But I'm happy with it nonetheless, I'm gald you enjoyed it! :D

I Give 5 cos I'm a good man!

I Give 5 cos I'm a good man!

Mataro responds:

Wow, I wasn't actually sure if you'd show up. Well, I'm happy because you have the same voting power as ZV, which means both of your votes have been nullified :D. Thanks anyway lol.


Hello Mataro, wanted to see what was new, and this was the first thing that smackeded up the face, and so I listened to it.

Now I love Tetris, so right away you get Biased Points + 10.

Those crazy piano solo's, I don't nemember them being in Tetris, but I did enjoy them! The thunder and rain sfx really did make this song something new in my eyes. Those spector ghost voices completed that eerie image you were going for.

Some ideas that come to mind, Organ my good sir. You need a nice deep church organ playing with the piano, I felt something like this would DRIVE that darkness factor into the piece!

Especially with those voices.

I would also suggest a cello? Really both these suggestions are more for the low end of the song, I felt a nice background foundation would help the song stand taller.

Have you considered reverbing the percussionals? If you did already, I would suggest adding more to it, I think some nice washed out snares would really squeeze right now.

Thats all I can think of for now, good stuff Mataro!

Mataro responds:

Wow, you're right on all accounts, but in defence, I tried to get a cathedral organ but I couldn't get any for free D=. All I had was rock organs, and they sounded horrible in the song lol. Also, I agree, I should have put in bass, but I was worried it would drown out the rain and make it sound less festive, haha. I'll keep these in mind for next time ^^.

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Oct 23, 2006
10:00 PM EDT
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