Xtrullor & Hex Eater - Soulstorm

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An Orchestral Dubstep project made with Hex Eater!


This project was in fact my first try at orchestral dubstep, done around 4 months ago. I decided to publish it anyway because it sounded nice enough, but I think it's not really the best work of mine honestly.


If you wonder how I made those intricate sounding sounds on the drop, that's Razor. And a lot of comb filtering. Quite a fun synth if you ask me.

EDIT 20.10.15: I now uploaded a REMASTERED version of this track. It should sound better now.

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Destruction of the city by Lunar Strike.

Love this one, just Epic!

Totally does not sound like a first try, but I'm willing to believe it since it's you, Xtrullor 😉

Each sound in here is incredible. I feel like it manages and epic / mythical feeling unlike any other, while still having hard dubstep elements.

Second of all, the drop. Incredibly unpredictable. Great buildup, and all used elements sound incredible.

Tbh I can't really point out everything in this song, since I'd be here for a day if I did that. Just take my word for it - every bit of this song is incredible.

Your first try at orchestral dubstep, yet in my opinion you nailed it unlike any of your other songs. Personally, this is my favourite song by you for so many reasons.

Firstly, that CoD MW2 nuke explosion sound at the very beginning.

Secondly, 1:03. I love the way this part sounds, it just makes me picture some sort of legendary god showing himself. It sounds mythical yet epic at the same time, which is really nice.

Thirdly, 1:25. Little things like this always make music sound better honestly.

Fourthly, the drop. Oh my god is that the most unpredictable drop you've ever made. Sure, you can tell by that background noise starting at 1:49 but even then, that initial growl at 1:55 always takes me by surprise. I get chills from it every time, but the first time I heard it I almost jumped out of my chair lol. I had the volume on full and wasn't expecting it, although I could feel the intensity from that sneaky buildup.

This brings me onto my fifth point, which is the fact that there's only one drop. Yeah, sure, more than one drop is nice but at least when there's only one drop you know you have to savour every moment of the song while it lasts, which just overall makes it a much better song for me lol.

And final point, the way the song ends on what I think is an imperfect cadence (correct me if that's the incorrect terminology, I only got a C in GCSE Music). You know, it doesn't end on the "primary" chord. I'm probably making no sense, but the fact that it ends on that specific chord adds a really nice touch to it.

Anyway, you probably cringed a lot reading this but that's just why this is my favourite song of yours.


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Sep 24, 2015
5:45 AM EDT
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