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Remix of Fading Dream by http://lucidshadowdreamer.newgrounds.com/ for the NGDIC2 contest. The rules and original MIDI files can be found here : http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1397573/1

This one has been difficult to finish. Not only because I'm not really used to work on other people's ideas, but also because I got sick three days before the deadline of the contest, and it didn't really help. Instead of relying on my ears, I had to rely mainly on the knowledge I have of the libraries I use, how I usually mix them, etc., and it's a bit disturbing to work this way.

Libraries used :
Orchestra : EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver, CineSymphony LITE
Solo instruments : Berlin Piano, Crystal Flute
Percussion : Sync'd Cymbals Plus, TAIKO 2

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Hmm...as a huge fan of LSD's music myself, I should probably check this out. I love the emotion and soundscape here. I understand that this is a remix, but I think the quality of instruments you've contributed really adds a lot to the piece. It has a warm, grand, and cinematic sound. Nice work!

Ylmir responds:

Thanks a lot ! Actually, the source material was pretty awesome already, and although this was all MIDI, it was easy to see how to orchestrate it. I maybe messed up a little bit with the reverbs (especially on the strings), but it still makes me smile when i hear it into my playlists. :)

Phew, sorry for being late.

I've been super busy with stuff, mainly the nearly 9 minutes long piece I composed together with dem0lecule for the NGADM 2015.

Man, I honestly don't have a lot to say! This is pretty darn brilliant. It's super airy and spacious. I love it!
The percussion is great, and your focus is precisely where I imagined it'd be with a real orchestral arrangement. The piano in the beginning works really well too. I guess that a few of the bells are a bit buried, but that doesn't really matter, as it all sounds great anyway. I love how I can still hear the bells if I focus though, hehhe.

I hope that your health is better by now!

Thanks for making a rendition of this track too. It sounds wonderful :D
Brilliant work, and good luck in the contest ;)

Ylmir responds:

Hey ! Thanks a lot !

Actually, I got better for some days, but it's coming back. It's a bit like a cold... but a VERY bad one. xD
I've been able to listen to it in better conditions though, and there are some little details that bug me, the strings overall sound maybe a bit too diffuse, and the Taikos could have used some more mixing probably. And the mastering is a bit clumsy as well, especially when you compare it to some other submissions. But yeah, it could have been waaay worse. :)

I had fun remixing your track, mainly because I could actually tell where to put some more accent on some instruments, it's almost like the MIDI was asking for it. It probably means your original track was already masterfully arranged. :p

...okay, now I can't stop imagining a timpani running around shouting "HEY, DON'T FORGET ME !". I should go back to bed I guess. xD

...I wonder how being a timpani feels like...

Oh, and I'll check your track as soon as I'll be able to. Congrats for making it this far in the NGADM ! :)


Ylmir responds:

? :)

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