Wonderful Things

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Warning #1: Unlike what the title suggests, song is not actually full of wonderful things.

Warning #2: You may or may not want to barf rainbows and unicorns after listening to this song.

Yet another song in my increasingly long list of songs that I stuff into the 'Video Game' genre because I have no idea how to categorize them. XD

I enjoyed making this song! I made the melody when I was noodling it on the piano, and developed it into a short little ditty afterwards. I decided to completely ignore johnfn's advice about not creating songs that are overly happy and cheesy, because I'm tired and I don't have many music and non-major chord progressions probably don't exist and this is the only thing I know how to do so DEAL WITH IT

I've been writing down a lot of good melodies that result from my mandatory piano-playing, but I haven't had much time to develop any of them into full-length songs. Hopefully, over the next few weeks, I'll instead be able to create shorter songs that still showcase the interesting melodies I've been coming up with - along with a few solos, of course. :D

Thanks for listening and hope you enjoyed! :)

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Man, I love your stuff!

LunacyEcho responds:

I love you! :3

This is one of my favorite chord progressions. The song is very catchy! I like the melodies and counter melodies.
I miss listening to your music. Are you planning to make more songs?

LunacyEcho responds:

It's quite a fun chord progression, isn't it? :D It's basically another super-major-catchy-poppy chord progression that I enjoy using XD

I'm definitely going to write more songs! I'm just going through a bit of a busy period in school right now, haha. Thanks for the review! :D

Okay, so I just up and decided "well, crap...I've gotten really behind on all my reviews. I'm going to binge-review every single damn track LunacyEcho has posted in the last 3 months." And then it's just kinda this one, super-short track. Guess they don't call it #JuniorYear for nuthin'. Anyway, I like the cute mood and synths. It's well-balanced frequency-wise, and has a pleasant, uplifting tone to it. I think your mixing has improved a lot since early in the summer or so btw. Obviously, the piece is structurally a little underwhelming, but it could've made a great loop if you had gone the extra mile (i.e., 2 minutes of work). It is in fact quite fitting for a videogame, so please don't feel so self-conscious about "stuffing" your songs into that category. Also, I somehow have some time this weekend if you want to hang on Cockatrice (Thanksgiving is good; I like Thanksgiving), so shoot me a PM if you get the chance. I hope to see some more work from you soon, LE, but if not I hope your studies are at least going well. ;D

LunacyEcho responds:

Welp >< Guess I underestimated how busy I would be this year :D

=> mixing =>

Thanks so much! It's definitely an area that I'm proud of improving in :P

=> structurally =>

I would argue that the piece isn't *that* loopable because it begins with a filtered intro? But I can definitely see what you mean. :P Looping would also help it fit more into the video game genre! Duly noted.

=> Cockatrice =>

Ah man, I'm real sorry for not responding to this earlier. I remember seeing it after quickly checking Newgrounds, making a mental note to re-read it later. Next thing you know, a month went by >< Sorry about that! But school is now all but over for the rest of the year, so at least there's that! :D

Thanks for the review! And thanks a lot for staying with me all this time :P

This needs to be decades longer!

LunacyEcho responds:

<3 Aww, you too! Wait...

This is a pretty sweet and catchy tune :)
Having fun finding countries with balls on their flags huh? If one didn't know better, one would think you're obsessed with balls (:V)

The buildup in the beginning is fine. I like that panning synth. The main melody is nice, but I'm not entirely sure about that intrument though. Once again, I feel like it's a bit boring, and lacks cool effects (I mean, it kinda has a little quiver on that long note I guess, but I mean the sound itself). Oh well. The backing track is really nice, and this is just a short song anyway :p

Nicely done!

LunacyEcho responds:

The fact that you called them 'balls' and not 'circles' just further enforces the idea that flags should be three-dimensional :D

=> panning synth =>

Ah yes, one thing I want to do more in tracks to come is experiment with panning! Because a lot of criticism I got in the past was to do with my overall stereo imaging, and the field of panning has so much potential for interesting stuff. :P

=> lacks cool effects =>


I was trying to use different lead synths to see if they'd be considered 'less generic' than some of the ones I've been using in other songs, but ehhh this is definitely something I need to work on XD Also, I put myself on a one-hour time limit for this song because I've got so much other work to do ughhhhh

Thanks for the review! You're too quick. :D

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