Elegant Tentacle Cuddlefest

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Original Composition by @LucidShadowDreamer for NGDIC 2 round 1, Here's my rendition, I yanked the percussion cause I thought it was shit, then simplified it down to only a few instruments and some atmosphere, hope you like it!

It's named the way it is because I was jerking off to tentacle porn for a large majority of working on this track.


What's with that title origin, you creepy perv!
Two things to mention for me.
ㅤ• The kick is barely noticeable. Perhaps lower other instruments' volume (especially brasses (or strings? or both?) and choir) will help. That's a hard work mastering a piece with a lot of instruments like orchestra, though.
ㅤ• Bass could use a light bass-only reverb or increase release time a bit on 0:49. It sounds somewhat uncomfortable for me. However, this was just a nitpick.
Anyway, like I said in the contest thread, 5aved! Overall Atmosphere is flawless. Focused on mastering since it's the only part I think I'm good enough to criticize and make advices correctly. :P

SkelaNG responds:

The title origin is just a humbling reminder of the many origins of inspiration.
-It's actually not a kick, if you isolate the sub frequency, it's a long pluck, I wanted a light heart-beat edge-of-perception thing just to keep it rolling. And yeh tell me about it lol, if you listen through Unity Suite, that's where my real mixing/mastering efforts go.
-I didn't think of putting a bass verb on that instrument, I've avoided putting verb too low on my bass instruments in the past because I like to soundscape for crystal edgings, and not the normal wood room technique. I'll give it a go on a future track.

Thanks for the feedback mate!!

Interesting take on the track. The sound design is pretty cool! I guess that the very high pitched noises are not something I would've used for a melody, but more as an atmospheric effect, as that high frequencies aren't as clearly defined as something that'd be in the middle register or a bit above (you can hear that they are pretty buried in the later parts, like at 0:45).
I really like the intrument that comes in at 0:13 though, in a slightly lower register. I think it might be a bit too loud in the mix (as it becomes a bit dominant later int he track), but whatever :p
The choir is really nice! :D
As are the strings :)

I get why you took away the percussion. I still think you could've put in an atmospheric crash or gong at a few places though, to add impact to the transitions.

Overall, this is a pretty cool rendition. Interestin name choice too XD

Good job!

SkelaNG responds:

The instrument coming in at 0:13 is just a little thing I made in NI Razor, I quite like additive synthesis.
The high bit at the end and such is Synplant, my Bae VST.
And yeh, as far as mixing I like to mess around on my own tracks with unconventional methods, I wanted to place emphasis on more simple sonic qualities that typically don't cover front, such as the over-bass, and putting the lead melodies all behind the atmospheric elements as atmospheres of their own.

I agree I could've done some atmospheric percussion, it probably would've helped fill out the track, but I wanted to give it a go with apercussive composition, for flavor.

Thank you for your review!

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Sep 17, 2015
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