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Here's one of the big awesome projects I was working on - at last!

It's a remix of the song Infinity (which is an AWESOME song, by the way, check it out) written for the album "The Ecstasy of Life" by DDRKirby(ISQ) which just came out today!

The album (along with the download for this song) can be found here:


This is actually the first remix I've ever done, so that was interesting. Most of the melodic content is mine, and even some of the progressions are my own. I use some of the original track as a baseline to work on top of, but at points I diverge wildly, so hopefully it comes off as somewhat cohesive. There's actually only one point where I call out the main melody of the original. See if you can guess where...

Anyway, I kinda pulled out all the "johnfn"y stops for this one, since they were kinda in line with the style of his music. I don't really plan on writing such a big explosive chiptune song like this again (though I have been known to be wrong before). Where to go from here, I wonder...


Gosh darn it, man. Don't you know arithmetic operations involving infinity just yield infinity? Wait, of course you do. You're, like, super smart and stuff. My bad.

Anyway, this is a really cool track. I love the furtive mood at the beginning and the synths. The melodies are catchy and cool. Appropriate amount of reverb too. Perhaps it progresses a bit slowly until around 1:10, but it was well worth the wait. You just kinda have these awesome solos coming out of nowhere all the time, even in the breakdown at 2:08, and I'm loving it! Sure, it's not the best for coherence purposes, but overall I thought you tied it together pretty well. Classic "Light Up"-style modulation at 3:18. I'm not sure the coda felt as, well, conclusive as I'd have liked it to. The ending itself was fine, but things didn't really ever seem to be winding down, y'know? Overall, though, great work. I continue to admire your work from afar (i.e., Maine), even if I save all my binge-reviews and downloads for when I'm back home from school. I'm looking forward to your future tracks, but in the meantime enjoy your Thanksgiving! :D

Not alot i can crit on this cept for the fact its such an amazing song with such an amazing album. I bought it almost instantly after the first few songs.

Creds to you and also give my creds to ddrkirby when you can. Fitted the album so well :)

johnfn responds:

Hey, long time no see :D I am glad you are still alive ^_^

I'm glad you liked it. And yeah, if you like this kind of stuff, DDRKirby will be right up your alley (plus, he has tons of tracks out there).

One day I was looking for a song for my brother to listen to. He loves electronic music and remixes of songs, so I introduced this song to him and this was his reaction: "What is this...? It's absolutely amazing! Where can I find more music like this?" My brother would have never discovered Newgrounds without you and your music. Therefore, I thank you. :P

johnfn responds:

Haha, wow! Welcome to Newgrounds, KingFB5's bro!

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