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SineRider's Christmas Epic

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Author Comments

My MAC6 entry, leave a review if possible (2:16)


MAC Oct Christmas Review

this is the MAC Oct Christmas Review for the song "SineRider Christmas Epic"

Overall, the song has a nice flow. its very laid back - its got a lot of the Christmas elements in it - bells , piano, and strings. the song was a bit on the short side however. the chorus pad was nice.

instead of the piano, i was hoping it would be a French horn. that would make the song kick ass as a Christmas song. the contrasts of volumes were very nicely done.

i think this songs has the stuff for a great Christmas song. my only beef is the piano. i wish it were a horn and the ending. it was kind of abrupt and out of nowhere. i dont know if youre going to resubmit it, but theses are some things to think about.

the beginning bells should be brought up more gradually though.

Ok, nitty gritty time
10/10 Originality - 100% you, 100% score here
9.4/10 Clarity - great job
9.5/10 Diversity - i guess its classical..
9.1/10 Effort - a lot of effort was put in, but you still needed a bit more to fully polish it off.
9.4/10 Appeal - Christmas Classic Sounding. :)
9.2/10 My Overall Score - I loved it. it was purely enjoyable and good to listen to. the ending and the beginning need more work still

Overall MAC Adjusted Score 88.4


SineRider responds:

hmm 88.4 good enoguh for me =)

I agree with all your suggestions. I didn't really think alot about instrument choice, because it was trouble enough for me to make a christmas song.

hah yay

Hope you do good in the MAC.
It really takes me to an old city, full of christmas mood.
It starts off in a house, but continues out the door and in the city.
All those instruments fit the whole cristmas mood, maybe except for the chord, which was just annoying.

Good work!

SineRider responds:

umm what chord are you talking about?


Dude, I seriously like this piece, it's just stunning, everything I wanted for this piece since I just started listening to it just captivated my attention, this is truely an amazing piece. The vocal thing seemed "not extended" sustain-wise or something, but either way, I can now truely say that I like something you've made : P

Good job man! ; )


Check my newest ambient song (if you haven't yet) : 0


SineRider responds:

Thanks for the review man, i hope I do good in the MAC, and if oyur in it good luck to you.

I already reviewed that song awhile back.


Let's see, then.

The tubular bells are a tad loud, compared to the glocks(?). I like the way you built the piece (as it is quite familiar to me). Was there a piano in the background? I think you should have turned up the volume of it. I like also the timpani roll. The result of your work is indeed epic, although this is a bit short.

Well, i think i said it all. My advices: work a bit on the mastering, there are some flaws (yeah, i know, my stuff, too). Also, you should have put another instrument instead of the piano, perhaps a bassoon.

Overall, a pleasant piece, fitting the X-Mas mood.

SineRider responds:

Well, I had some trouble making this piece. I'm not very familiar with composing orchestral pieces. I do them very rarely. So I'm not entirely sure what instruments to use and such. For example I would have no idea how a bassoon part would sound. So I just did what I though sounded good.

There was a piano in the backround. It was a bit quiet and just was the same as the glockenspiel part.

I had trouble keeping a christmas sound, and I think I did pretty well with it.

Thanks for the review.^_^

very nice

I liked the bells at the beginning, although I think some reverb could have helped. The way you built up the song as you progressed was cool, it truly had an epic feel. This is remixing quality stuff, do you use FL studio? I'd really like try my hand at it. :)

peace man, great job.


SineRider responds:

Unfortuantly for you, I use Reason 3.0. Although I heard there is a way you can bring in a song to FL studio from Reason. I don't really know how to do that.

But if you know, sure you can remix it.

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3.98 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2006
11:07 AM EDT
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2.1 MB
2 min 16 sec

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