Og tel - remastered '06 (1:49)

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To celebrate frontpage, redone in a way better mix, so listen to this one instead!


With glee

Then it´s time for WinTang.

I have never actually listened to any of your tracks, WinTang, but now I see it was a total win doing it. (Username joke ^_^)

It´s really weird, it starts out as any rock track would, and then an insane man comes and destroys the whole theme, roaring his weird war roars. Just plain lovely.

In the same track you add some totally electronica-sounds to make the tune fully insane. Again. lovely.

What´s weird is that everytime it starts over (Yeah, and it´s way too abrupt) it seems to beat up a little step instead of starting over. It´s kinda scary, actually, but it makes the track really appealing and exciting.

So, there was a lot of stuff in this, and therefore it´s very loud. it sounds more thrown together, and it´s hard to get the song, and not get a lot of noise. Maybe the levels should be adjusted. A good start is lowering every single track in the song by 1-2 decibel and then see what the est parts of the song is, boost the volume of them and rather lower the sound of the other tracks.

Oh, and I loved the bassline.

WinTang responds:

Great review! Are the other nine going to be as detailed? Then you have a lot of work to do :D

Thanks a lot! Good advice on dosing the loudness, I'll keep that in mind.

Did you mean that it seems to increase in tempo when it starts over? If so, that's hilarious - something to start aiming at in certain cases!

Glad you picked up the bassline, I put lots of thought in basslines :)

erm what is og tel? :S

I like the riff on this, it's a very short piece too I feel you could have made this a bit longer. what software did you use with this? I can hear what sounds like scratching (of the vinyl variety) not sure if that was a sample or if you created that sound :S it's a pretty decent piece I wish it was longer though :(

oh and what is Og Tel?

Nice work!

Peace Out!


WinTang responds:

This is ImpulseTracker only, the funnest music program ever. It is about ten years old, runs under DOS, prefers low quality samples and has no FX presets or anything.

I'll explain this a bit.

The track uses two samples - both taken from "Let go", by Sick Of It All. The first sample is the small guitar riff. The second sample is their singer screaming "Let go!!".
Og tel. :)

When you hear the 'scratching', it's the beginning of that voice sample. Retriggering Fat Boy Slim style :)

Longer? I dunno, I thought this was actually a bit on the long side for the idea though - I was kinda done with this but then the old crappy-produced version suddenly appeared on the frontpage and I thought I'd remaster it.

Thanks for the review!

Very nice! ^_^

I'm really sorry I didn't get around to reviewing your stuff earlier. ^_^'
I had a lot of stuff going on, (just moved to a new city and all), but now i've got lots of time, so I'll review a bunch of your stuff to make up for it.

ORIGINALITY: Very original. Nothing I can think of to criticize, except that some of the riffs sound reminiscent of something I can't put my finger on. But that's most likely just me, nitpicking.

CLARITY: Very, very clear. When I say clear, I don't mean the audio quality, but instead the execution of getting across whatever image, story or feeling you were trying to get across. You've got a real talent for setting a mood! ^_^

DIVERSITY: Fairly diverse. It was kind of short, and I listened to it quite a few times, so it started to feel a little repetitive, but once again, that's just me. disregard that in fact.

EFFORT: Well, perfect effort. Nothing at all to complain about. I almost never give 10's for effort though, because there's always room for improvement no matter what. Don't get me wrong, this is amazingly awesome! and I wouldn't suggest you change anything. But there's no such thing as 100 percent effort; or if there is, i imagine it's very very hard to attain. o_0
You know what? disregard that too. It's all good.

OVERALL: Yes. Overall 10. even though there were a few complaints, I know it was just me looking for a nonexistant flaw. So I'm giving you teh ten! XD

Keep 'em coming! ^_^

WinTang responds:

Thank you muchly!
The riff is identical to the one in Sick Of It All's "Let go" :) it's actually a lil' sample. So that's what you may have recognized.
I'd have given this an 8 for effort myself, hehe. But I still like it, and I'm glad you did too!

I hate that guy...

I'm giving you an automatic 10 in every category to make up for Zerovoter a bit.

See my review on your first version of Og tel - good work.

WinTang responds:

Thank you!
He'll be banned soon, and then the smudge that was his review will be gone.
Checking out that review then.

fricken sweet

congradulations on the front page!!! i saw it there and was like "omg sweetness" Great song, deffinatley unlike anything ive ever heard before, yet it was very fun to listen to! Have you heard about this zerovoter person? they've been going around randomnly throwing out zeros on songs and perhaps even flashes. i had a song in a very good spot in the ambient section till he showed up >< hope he doesnt get to you. very annoying.

anyway, again, great song, 5/5 XD 10/10

WinTang responds:

Hey thanks man, glad you liked it!

I, like every APist, get zeroed all the time, the only difference is that mr. ZeroVoter actually makes himself known, and since no one cares about him he'll probably be gone in no time.
Hopefully with the ever upcoming AP change, some steps will be taken to balance it out better.

Thanks for the review!

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