Og tel - remastered '06 (1:49)

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To celebrate frontpage, redone in a way better mix, so listen to this one instead!


good song

um, it was a good song it coulda used some real lyrics and it got a little repeative but it was good

Nice use of the Sick of it All riff

Ha that's cool mixing the hardcore riff with the wacky 8bit drum and bass stuff, a fun listen

dirtay ST

Front page hey? :) Well done old bean!
Pretty frantic, a lot of the scratch kinds of moves with the vocal sound like Norman Cook on steroids, cool bassline. Pretty rockin' guitar riff, nice lo-fi edge and co-operates well with the frantic bassline.
Hey, you've also got some square arp sequences in there, me likes :)
Very distinctive and forward lunging track, although one thing I would have loved with it is some more messing around with the vocal sample.

WinTang responds:

Yep, front page, two months ago to date :) Thanks for the review!

Hah yea it's very Fat Boy Slim in the retriggeringness. The riff is courtesy of Sick of it all, sadly. But the lo-fi edge is mine (weakness is strength and all that) and the square arp (it's just a sinus btw) is what I consider the best feat in this track.
I could have done much more with the vocal sample, indeed. Maybe in the future, although I feel I'm a bit past this phase already.

Old skoo

Hehe I like this tune. Would be good for a frantic moment in a flash I imagine. It's cool that you use a tracker program to make music. I started out with Pro Tracker on the Amiga, and then moved on to Fast Tracker II on the PC. I've always loved that way of making music.

In this tune, the main thing I could wish for is more variety in the samples used, and a bit less clutter. I think parts of the tune sounded a bit messy. I also didn't like the bass that much. Overall a nice tune though, and I could definately see this used in a high quality flash.

WinTang responds:

Thanks - I work with Cubase too now, but I can't just say goodbye to my good old tracker, I've been working with that for over 10 years now.

You are correct, there's messiness and not much variety. Sometimes I think it's fine the way it is, but when I feel critical I don't consider this that much of a tune at all. Oh well :)

Thanks for your appreciation!

What we got is gonna turn your brain into shit...

This is ridiculous... flat-out ridiculosity. As I understand it, you use ImpulseTracker, which makes this seem like building the pyramids or the statue of liberty with some pebbles and a color pencil, probably the shitty orange one with the broken lead that Susy the retarded 4th grader keeps chewing on. I'm loving the retrigger sample style, it keeps everything going at a million miles an hour, frenetic and chaotic as all hell. Great work on this; man I really like this alot, hah!


WinTang responds:



Nice image! XD

One extra LOL at the name Susy.

Glad you liked it!!

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Oct 21, 2006
8:25 AM EDT
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