I Love You All

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A song I dedicated to all you guys. 2015 has been a huge jump year for me and I couldn't of done it without all my fans!!

I was just sitting down playing on my piano and about 7 hours later this song was the end result =). If anyone wants sheet music you can contact me!

F-777 - Ludicrous Speed (Album):

You can use the code "LudicrousSpeed" to get -50% off btw!

Stay awesome, blast your speakers, and let's journey through this life together.
- F-777


This song is beautiful

thank you for bring us your great music

I seriously cannot understand where all this hate came from. This is one of your best songs, Jesse! I insanely love the melodies and the bass! (Please no flame I don't know anything about music) I mean, like, dude, the whole Ludicrous Speed album is like the essence of your best music imo, and that's not even an exaggeration. I freaking love every single second of it! Great job on this song!

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0.20-1.00: That instrument seems like a ear splitting noise maker. I switched the song immediately after i heard that when you released it. I really didn't even try to hear the whole song until months have passed.
Melodies extremely catchy, this would've of done 10 times better as a mainly classical song, after all it originated from a piano so why not? Making it fit in the ludicrous speed theme would be interesting
I don't get the hate on the chord progression, besides that ear split area its fine. First impression is everything in lots of cases, and that part absolutely destroys this whole song. Fix that and you got a 4.5-5 star song.
Piano part in the song rocks, I'd give that part 5 stars.

For your info: WORST ALBUMS(my opinion)
1. Chinese Dance Machine 2
2. Raptor 2
3. Most recent singles (exception to Hydra)
Please don't continue this negative trend.

I've never in all my life heard a song with this chord progression. Never!! It's amazing that even the vast majority of your no-music-production-basis fans don't seem to notice the awful high frequencies that, I'm not even kidding, I have a literal headache from. The production, however unendurably generic the arrangement and music is, is kinda decent, with exception of the almost complete lack of sidechain which makes the snare sound like a sine pluck. The melody is annoying and only adds to the mess of high frequencies. Everything else has basically been said in windlux's review

Plus, 12 year old is generally used as a euphemism for a noob or whatever other terms are associated so don't even try with that "technically 8% of my fans are genuine 12 year olds so you are 92% incorrect" it's pretty obvious what he means by the term 12 year old

F-777 responds:

Ye i agree with this review 100% iv improved a lot since tho :D.

And ANYONE who uses the term "12 year old" as an insult its being
extremely ignorant. But the point was he was insulting my fans with the

My point was not to hate on everyone else and especially just for their age.
Keep the hate on me. He should of just called me a n00b then.

No one seems to get that I agree with most bad points on my tracks XD.
I just don't get the hate on my listeners.

Anyways your review was on the music part was fair! Thanks!
its been a few years since this track and people pointed out the highs.

In the next 4 albums I did it was much better. If your interested I would
check out Viking Dance Machine the album!

(Chinese Dance Machine 2 tho i screwed some highs again so im going
through re-mixing them)

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Aug 26, 2015
5:48 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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