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Audio Deathmatch!

I have Celiac's Disease, and recently ingested gluten accidentally. A lot of it. And I've been crazy sick as a result.
Well, I had to record the vocals anyway. Double tracked all of it in hopes of not sounding like total shit.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the amazing artists in this contest continue to post.

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This is a NGADM Round 1 Review.


- Excellent vocals (aside from the mix).
- Cool lyrics and a GREAT chorus!
- Super catchy and quite memorable.
- Loved the break at 2:59!

I was really impressed by the way you blend each instrument; the guitar riffs and the bass sound particularly nice! Also, your lyrics are incredibly clever and meaningful. To be quite honest, if the mix was tidied up a bit, I wouldn't be surprised to hear this track on the radio.

What to consider:
- The biggest issue with this track is the mixing. Everything sounds washed out and partially distorted -- especially the vocals and drums and ESPECIALLY at 2:26 to 2:58!
- Odd audio clipping/distortion at 2:08 and 2:10 (drum crashes?).

Alright, the mix could use work. I've already said things sound distorted and slightly washed out. But, good news -- there are a few ways that you can fix it up! Watch your instrument levels while you go about the mixing process. Are they hitting a ceiling above 0 dB? If that is the case, scale back your volume levels and if you are using samples for your drums, try editing the velocity of different notes. In terms of EQ, there are certain frequencies you can cut in order to make instruments or samples sound far more clean and in some ways realistic. It really depends on the instrument! If you're using compression or any mastering plugins, then be careful of how much you crank up the gain, attack, etc.

If you have any questions about mixing at all, feel free to send me a PM. I'll share (what little) I know haha! Keep it up Jacob, I'd love to hear more tracks with this sort of sound. :)

Score: 7.9/10

I love it man. You did good here. Keep up the awesome. :)

- V

I liked the atmospheric intro. I thought the kick was a little weak, and I’m not sure I liked your hat and snare samples too much. That said, your voice had this smooth and soothing quality to it that I really liked. I also appreciated the chorus at 1:12. I liked that you aimed for a texture that was nice and full there, although I think the lead guitar and kick could’ve come through a lot clearer in the mix there. You might’ve needed to do some more careful equalizing. The “heartbeat” part at 1:29 was clever. I liked how you then created some structural contrast with another relatively soothing verse. I also thought that the transition into the second chorus at 2:11 was a little rushed, though. The post chorus at 2:26 was a valued addition to the structure as well. I thought you really overdid the crashes at 2:43, and they quite noticeably duck under the mix at 2:49. I didn’t think you needed that last chorus (it was sort of just extraneous repetition), although this piece did feel pretty conclusive by the end. I like the vocals (as well as the lyrics themselves) and structure. The main problem here is the mixing. Fix that, and you’ve got a really solid piece, my friend! Keep at it! ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015

Jacob responds:

Myyy reviewwww!

The mixing and EQ of the drums has been a consistent challenge for me, and I think I honestly need to step away from Addictive and start using separate samples and soft synths that I can master as discrete entities. But, that may not fix it. I also lack some fundamental understanding of the mixing, and I have to figure that out sooner or later. You've pushed me to experiment more. :)

I think I agree with you on the abruptness of the second chorus transition. Although that was the intent, it wasn't done properly. And that may have been as simple as finishing four measures instead of only three. Or maybe the idea itself was lame! Man I don't know I'm just a username.

THANK YOU for telling me that the last chorus was unnecessary. I have this annoying nagging voice in my head telling me that three choruses are absolutely necessary, but it almost always feels so FORCED when I do it. I've gotta figure out my own non-ABABCB song structure.

Your review is so appreciated, man. It's nice that you're taking time out for the losers. Hahaha
I'd love it if you could give me some detail via PM on remedying the mix, particularly the percussion. But you're busy as hell with technical advice as it is, so it's 100% cool if it's not in your time-budget.

Thank you so much! Happy judging. :)

Stop being a critic on your own work after uploading. Only be a critic when mixing it all together. Also, the real-guitar and stuff you suggested sounds pretty good.

The vocals and music are good. Good job. <:

Jacob responds:

I know, I shouldn't sweat a finished piece. Having to put it out there before I felt it was ready was just difficult for me.

Still, I'm happy with the compositional end of the track. I might re-record and remaster stuff later on.

Thanks for the review, and the support! RealLPC is the plugin used here. Check out Birthday Song fora decent example of RealGuitar.

Idk what you're talking about, dude. The vocals are awesome. Not as deep and sexy as some of the other songs, but beautiful nontheless.

Sorry to hear about your Celiac's Disease. Looking at the NGADM thread, it looks like this round was kind of a disaster. A lot of people with technical difficulties. Does that happen every year? All I did was procrastinate, so I had to compose mine entirely in like 4 hours. I also should have taken it seriously haha.

This song is incredible! I haven't had time to listen to all of the entries (I've just listened to the submissions from my favorite people), but I'm confident you can make it to the next round!

Jacob responds:

I'm just bummed that I couldn't put my best foot forward, and especially knowing that I'd have been significantly happier if I'd just recorded a week ago. Oh well! It happens.

I really, REALLY appreciate the support. Being named one of your favorites made my day.

Oh, and your track kicked colossal ass. I look forward to hearing your submission for round 2.

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Aug 19, 2015
12:29 AM EDT
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