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Brass-tinged electronica.

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This is an NGADM Round 1 Review


I don't usually comment specifically on intros but I'll make an exception for this. DAMN that intro is one of my favourites of the round. You really nailed the atmosphere there. Another thing I was definitely impressed with was the amount of experimentation in this track. There are all sorts of sounds, from deep pads to dance drums to chill synths to saxophones. This is a truly unforgettable listening experience, packaged with a truckload of neat ideas and sounds. Somehow, despite the general haphazardness of your instrument choices, they still synergise well with each other to create this super interesting musical concoction that's unlike anything I've ever heard before.

My main issue with this is the apparent lack of structure. You've got a really experimental set of instruments and an unconventional melodic style, so I feel like you should've put in more effort bringing it all together. What started off as a really neat intro eventually just devolved into a series of riffs from different synths with varying rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment. There weren't really any repeating motifs and the transitions weren't anything special, which made the track ultimately sound loosely/carelessly tied-together. I feel like while you showed a ton of creativity with all these cool ideas and instrument choices, you didn't convince me enough that this whole setup can work to creative one cohesive song, if that makes sense.

Having said that, I can't help but give you a solid score because of the truly unique listening experience you've offered. Great work, and thank you for taking part!


SCORE: 8.2/10

adieuwinter responds:

Hey Step! I'll take into consideration the issues with structure when I'm revising this (already have been doing so for a week or so now). Thanks for the kind words and for judging the contest!

NGADM Review

I really like the chilled out vibe to this track. I’m a huge fan of the melodies in the lead brass (?). My favorite part of this track was the soundscape that you created. It sort of reminds me of a very picked up tempo version of the FEZ soundtrack. The instruments all complement eachother very well. The sounds of the instruments themselves I think could be better quality, like the brass sounds very fake, and the drums, while sounding really nice could be beefed up a bit more.
This is one of those songs that I would just sit back and take it all in to. I can really just sit back and relax while it plays. I think if you worked on your production, mixing, and just general sound choices, this would have gotten an overall higher score from everyone. Those are the main problems though! Nice work!



I liked the atmospheric intro, but by around :05 you used a bit too much reverb so that the notes sounded pretty indistinct. Interesting mood you have here. It seems simultaneously upbeat and a bit creepy, tbh. I think you went way overboard with the reverb. Also, the kick is a little weak. Some of the melodies are a little overly convoluted, and they even compete with each other, like at 1:35. There’s a lot of melodic content here, and you bring together a lot of different instruments at different times. Synths, saxophones, pianos, etc. all play and sometimes share the melodies at different points. It sounds like a continuous conglomeration of melodies, which is kind of confusing to listen to. It’s hard to discern the structure, which probably isn’t a good thing. I would recommend adding a breakdown or bridge near the middle of the piece, just to keep the listener grounded in what you want to be the main theme of the piece. I’ve been tough on you, though. The drums and synths are cool, and I like a lot of the isolated ideas in this track. I think you should focus next time on fleshing out a couple of ideas here instead of using so many different melodies. Hope this helped! Keep at it, Adieuwinter. ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.

Hey, this is pretty chill stuff!!!

Great job, dude ;)

adieuwinter responds:

Thanks, LSD, means a lot.

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4.65 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2015
5:47 PM EDT
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