Running Free

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NGADM '15 Round 1 Submission

I was going for a cyberpunk anime type of vibe, mixed with orchestra, because that's what I do.

UPDATE: I uploaded a new version of the song as of 08/18/2015 at 12:20 pm EDT.

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It's a properly constructed main theme, that seems to escalate right out of the gate and won't let you go, till the high-noted, introspective end, well done gents!

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review


I think you positively nailed the vibe you were going for. This is so thematically strong and atmospheric, to the point that it just sucked me in and made me feel like I was in the midst of a dystopian Tron-like world. And that melody is so good! It's memorable, ties the track together and has just the right kind of emotion behind it to drive the track forward. I also enjoyed your instrument choices, ESPECIALLY the brass. That brass adds so much might and beef to the track.

There are some composition-related issues I have with this. First off, I feel like the transitions to the main melody were a bit underwhelming. You built a lot of tension by 1:40, but the release wasn't quite what I was hoping for. The drums are too thin and lack the high end to offer the power I was expecting after that buildup. The second buildup to the 3:10 bit also felt pretty rushed and disjointed. Lastly, as johnfn below me mentioned, I was hoping for a bit more melodic development, because other than some cookie-cutter quick string passages, we weren't treated to much outside that amazing main theme.

All in all, an absolute juggernaut of a track, and one which I would consider one of my favourites in the round for sure. Work on those transitions and that melodic development, and you'd have a real winner here.


SCORE: 9.0/10

NGADM Review

So first off, this is a pretty cool track. You guys did a great job creating an immersive experience with a really nice blend of electronic and orchestral elements together. You both did a wonderful job making the track immersive and enjoyable. One thing that is incredible about this piece is the varied composition, melody and really just everything. This added onto the immersive experience you guys created.
For the most part, you guys created really beautiful and realistic sounding instruments as well as dynamic. Changing seamlessly from a legato lines to a trill sounded really really good when you guys executed it. The strings in particular sounded really beautiful and realistic in the bowings. There are some parts where the brass sounds bland. By that I mean that the dynamic shaping of it doesn’t change too often. It feels like it just stays on the same dynamic level for too long and too often.
General production on this track is quite good. It sounds a little bit muddy at times, and there seems to be a little too much reverb on the lower drums, as well as the lower timbres instruments. I felt that the track is missing some low-mid area frequencies which made the track suffer a bit. It definitely could have been a lot fuller and more epic if it was more filled out. Honestly though, the overall feel and production of the track isn’t affected too much by this. Again, really nice job of fusing electronic elements with orchestral.
Melodic themes were pretty nice, but I didn’t feel a lot of development throughout it. Obviously the solution to this is to change it up some more and build accordingly. Good job guys, and congrats on making it to the next round, this is one of the best ones of round one.



I love the warm, atmospheric vibes at the beginning. It has a great sense of climax about it. I liked the drums at :57 and the pizzicato-y elements (including the bass) that you fade it throughout the first minute. It has this superbly dark and cinematic vibe to it that’s really captivating. I enjoyed the melodic content around the 2-minute mark and the subsequent return of the warm strings, which provided some much-needed structural relief IMO. This is a very smooth and flowing track, and the mixing and mastering is excellent. You’ve really created a full texture here, and the soundscape is marvelous – excellent choices (and quality!) of instruments across the board. I think you transitioned a bit too quickly back into the warm, atmospheric sound the second time around, though (3:46). The coda was marvelous, though; it really tugged at my emotions. I also thought you could’ve gone a bit more all-out during the last refrain (3:10), just to establish some more melodic development. Admittedly, I’m just desperately trying to find things to criticize about this piece at this point, because there really aren’t many. I love the drama and emotion. I love the production and sample quality. I love the melodies, the swells, the rich and full sound, etc. This is utterly fantastic work. Keep it up, JacobCadmus! :D


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.

Excellent work. Like a lot of previous comments, I'm going to praise you on the melody and arrangement. Musically, everything fits nicely together, with smooth transitions between the different parts of the song. Honestly, it's quite a beautiful inspiring piece. If i would have heard this somewhere else i would absolutely believe it to be a professional track from a movie or video game. Fantastic job. The only critique I have is that the build towards the end could have been a lot more tense. That would have made the final reprise to the main melody a lot bigger and more satisfying. Not a huge issue, as it still did a good job of that. Over all a larger than life sort of piece. As far as the mix, everything is clear, crisp and melds nicely. You did a great job! Keep it up.

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4.53 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2015
5:58 AM EDT
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