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Yo! This is my entry for round 1. I got stuck after making the main riff first, but then in the middle of the night sometime I got so many ideas that I just crammed into the song so it became so cluttered and weird. I then removed a portion of what I had added, and this is how it sounds like now.

Probably gonna be busy until deadline now so I think I'll go with this. Might do some adjustments if needed.

Give feedback if you wish to give feedback.

Anywaaaaay, have a nice day!

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WOW i love it ;3;3; i made an attempt at remixing Golden Haze on my account and cant do ANYTHING CLOSE to this sweetness

Mawnz responds:

Hey thanks dude. Just keep making stuff and you'll get awesome, just keep your head up.


This is a NGADM Round 1 Review.


- Excellent use of 8-bit/chip samples!
- Cool transition at 1:22!
- Lots of variety.
- Decent mix.
- Catchy!

I really dig the combination of those 8-bit sounds with the 'modern' synths (a la 1:06)! The transition at 1:22 was quite surprising, and a welcome one at that. The song definitely took an interesting turn from this point on, and honestly it was at this point that I was like "this needs to be in a game ASAP." Anyway, the track is pretty darn catchy and the while the mix could use some tidying up here and there, it's solid and clean!

What to consider:
- The chip percussion remains almost entirely unchanged throughout much of the track.
- The transition (while I liked it) was definitely a little sudden.
- Some mixing issues -- nothing serious.

The chip percussion remains essentially the same throughout most of the track. Perhaps by altering the pattern a little bit, replacing, or removing certain kicks, hats or otherwise would make for a more interesting listen. As mentioned, I really liked the transition, I felt like it was almost brought in at the right time -- as TaintedLogic mentioned, tempo automation would work well here!

Keep it up! :)

Score: 7.8/10

Mawnz responds:

Thanks for the input! I'm too comfortable with sticking to just one beat with the drums I think so it's good that you mention it as a weak point. It could be a tiny alternation that could spice things up and make a track more interesting so I'll keep that in mind in the future!

Thanks again!

Interesting mood here. I think there are some balance issues here, though. I would’ve tried to keep some of the mid-range tones in that bass at the beginning because for several sections of the piece it’s one of the most engaging things going on. I liked the melodies, and I think the 8-bit instruments fit the moods well. The production quality here is pretty high, too. The transition at 1:22 is a little sudden, and you change the pace really dramatically. I would’ve tried using a tempo automation or something, because the bubbly energy of the first 1.5 minutes contrasts sharply with the drone-like pads of 1:22. Speaking of which, I think the pads are distorting that mid-range bass you have at 2:10. I really like the A-B-A structure this thing has. You did a good job of bringing it full-circle at the end. I also think you needed a smoother transition at 2:51, though. The ending was cool, and it probably wouldn’t make a bad loop if you decided to go that route. I thought you could’ve done a bit more with dynamic contrast and melodic development, though. Slight variations can really add a lot to a piece, especially later on, and I would’ve liked to see you play with the emotions of the listener by experimenting with phrasing more during the middle section (i.e., 1:23 – 2:35). Still, this is nice work overall! Keep at it, Mawnz! Hope this review helped. ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.

Mawnz responds:

Thanks for the review man. I like that you are straight to the point with your criticism, and that you keep it short and in simple terms. I'll try to take what you've said here in consideration to future songs :)

Thanks again and good luck in future judging!

I believe I've fallen for this song. Super kawaii !!!! If I could give a song a hug this would be the one :D I adore all of it. I can set it on loop and *sigh* be supremely content.

Mawnz responds:

Haha thank you :D That's such a nice review n_n Glad you liked it!

Catchy as hell! I wish you all the best in here.

Mawnz responds:

Ayyy thanks man you too :D

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Aug 15, 2015
7:40 PM EDT
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