Welcome to the Field

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The grass blows upon your feet. Now it is time for imagination. (Preferably as a loop..)



this is great i lost count of the songs

Bosa responds:

What songs?


the drum beat was nice and pounding, giving the music shape and suspense, and luckily and thankfully you didn't over kill it.

The break for the airs with the choir and the strings was marvalent. the chording after the harsh drum area was benevolent.

The retuen was a little harsh and un expected, i would try and ease it in with a short transition.

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Bosa responds:

A true expert. How benevolent.

Drums of war!

ah, so you want a story is that it Bosa!? Well my good sir, prepare yourself for teh story of teh century!


The wind is blowing at his feet, he looks up slowly to see his commander climb a small rock, he holds his horn up and at 0:06, he lets it blare out. The other soldiers raise their blades and spears to the air, and scream their approval. The commander drops his horn and slashes his blade towards the enemy.

All the soldiers pick up their weapons and charge. Our hero, being quite young and inexperienced feels geniune fear, choking his eyes and throat. In the blur of movement he falls into a semi-coma state (at1:05) and remembers what he is fighting for.

His home, lush with grass, tall mountains, streams gurgling to feed the crops. He see's his wife holding his child and he remembers smiling at the sun...

and then.


The blood filled gurgled scream fills the air as the first arrow finds its target! He snaps out of his mind and realizes there are many arrows in the sky. Many soldiers are cowering under their shields, while those without are charging forward relentlessly.

The moment becomes more chaotic as they hear cavalry from behind them. He looks behind him and see an impressive force riding towards them, the enemies banner held proudly on their saddles.


and closer...

He runs, tries to find a way to survive, any way at all, he just wants to go back home to his crops and family.

He turns around to see his general's eyes, and sees one solemn tear escape his otherwise emotionless face. So then there really was no hope... Our hero picks any direction and begins running, he hears a whizzing sound, and suddenly silence.

he falls to the ground with an arrow in his chest. And that, was the end of that story.

Overall I feel you've done well with this piece. I could see this story perfectly in my head, and the moods of the song change so quickly, without any warning.

Are those drums real? Seriously, if they arn't, where did you find them?!

The dissonant screaming violins near the end did an exceptional job at creating the distressed feeling, panic above everything else.

The subtle french horn with the pounding drums, made for a great "approaching evil" kind of theme.

Another question is the vocals? Where did you get them?

Anyways, easily a 5/5 from me Bosa, once again you're really impressed me!

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Bosa responds:

Good to hear from a creative thinker. I will answer your questions which hopefully, is in best understanding. First, the vocals. Bulgarian babes was at the store where I hang out. I, of course, spoke with them.. since they were rather beautiful. Well, I got to speak of my music and I needed some real choir. Well, after alot of talking and negotiation, we came to an agreement. Yet, I don't think I'll ever see them again. Now, on to the drums.. I don't like to give away my secrets, but I will give this very small one. You can buy Timpanis from any music store that sells them. Timpani drums have both high, and low tones, so you should be able to get a good battle drum sound. I'm still growing in the live band era. Since we've covered most of what you want, we shall move on to some more diffrent matters. The audio portal grows well.. and strongly. Yet, it does not meet the attention as the flash portal does. A very depressing matter towards me. But, if the rumors are true, then I will feel joy over it. These rumors are not ones to discuss in public. Don't want to give away future plans on The NG Geo Bat Cave Base. Actually, after reading this, you have been subject to a disease. You have 3 minutes to live.

Your Friend,
Bosa (With cherries on top.)

Some very, very good bits!

Most of this was a joy to listen to... my only beef with it was that the violin solo sounded rather colourless - but that's the fault of the samples you used, not yours. Still, it does mar the experience a little.

Other than that, beautiful! I especially like what you did when the drums came back (the violins at the top).

It has a weak ending, but that makes it work better as a loop, so I didn't deduct any points for that. :P And you can be sure that I voted "5".

(oh, and could you please check out my latest submission and tell me what you think? Advice from the pros is always welcomed! ;)

Bosa responds:

Yes, I was a bit conerned about the Vins at the end. DAMNIT!!!! If only I had added that final rant of a lower toned VinsI and maybe lower toned Violas. That would have brung the mood of the epic out.

Obliged to Your Ideas,

OMG... I've lost my words...

Wow dude...
You've imperessed me so much... that I feel I'm a nobody in making music and I have to leave the AP...

But I wont...:) This is awesome... Especially the choir part... It was... like a real choir from a filmscore. Like I'd hear a rejected Gladiator score... Simply beautifull. And then the strings come in. No words are in my head now to express the cataclism of that...

The only one tiny little thing that I'd suggest that dont interrupt the string part so hardly with the drums - let the volume down and then... But I know filmscores are know from sudden changes. I use them also .)

So... Absolutely fantastic job. What program did you used for it? EWQLSO? If yes I'll have to get that... I wanna things like that...

You made me yelous... in a good way >:)

Fantastic job again... Congratulations!

P.S.: I have a recent audio sub. "For King and Country". If you got time pls drop a review. I tried something like here... but I see with less effort.

Bosa responds:

Yet again, a fault at the end with the Vins. Yet, your words are that of a follower. Welcome to Bosa's music.


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