[NGADM] Undertow

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My NGADM entry for the group stage. It's pretty early but I won't have much time to write after today so here it goes.

I have changed the track to the new one but for some reason it is still playing the old one so here's a link to the new!: https://clyp.it/v3vuxqfn

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This is an NGADM 2015 review.

In the judging stage, I recall not being sure what to make of this one. On an initial listen, I was like wha? Then it hit me that this kind of awesome and unique, despite some questionable stylistic choices that may be a little odd in a consistency sense. I'm gonna go over what I like largely in this review because I really do like a lot of this song.

Nice piano in the beginning, GREAT low frequency noise. I dont know why but I just really enjoyed that. TaintedLogin didn't like your breaks in the intro, but I actually kind of do - I think the concept is solid, but you need something to fill in the space. That pluck bass is good stuff, man. It quickly reinforces the idea that this track is largely electronic and it does it well. So now I obviously have to talk about your pitch bending synth thing. Initially, I wasn't sure it fit, but after a few listens i actually love it. It's weird, really, because it took me a while to enjoy it; but now I really do and I understand why you used it.

It might get a little repetitive after the 2 minute mark, but honestly it's not stylistically inappropriate for it to do so. It's not prog house but it's still house. I'm not sure about the strings at 2:33 stylistically. They're pretty cool but if you wanted to use them I think you should have made more of the motif, used them more, you know? Otherwise they're this one little rogue inconsistency that kind of pops out of nowhere :P that said, the way you transition back into the synth is great! Fantastic stuff.

Speaking of stylistic inconsistencies, I don't think I liked the rock style drum transitions... if that's an appropriate way to describe them (there's one at 2:45-2:46). I think the strings were enough with the stylistic inconsistencies. I think the ending was a bit lazy, too.

Production was solid, though. Clear, strong, fairly loud, good bass. Strong kick with good low end, claps and hats were excellent and crisp... in fact now that I'm focusing on them, I'm really appreciating how well they sit in the mix. Nice job.

Anyway, despite a few negative comments, this song is sick. It's unique and interesting and well produced. Great work.

I like the mood at the beginning, but I think the pauses were extremely unnecessary. The piano has this awesome, flowy and smooth quality, especially with the reverb, and the pauses sort of detracted from that flow. Once the synths come in at :43, I understand where you were going with the pauses, but they still impact the pacing of the piece negatively IMO. This piece progresses very slowly. I liked the part at 1:00, although I thought you might’ve been able to equalize out some of the treble tones in that rather high-pitched lead. The part at 1:00 is still rather minimalistic, though, and I thought you could’ve done a lot more to add to the harmonic content and progression of this piece. The strings during the breakdown at around 2:30 also sort of caught me off guard. Generally, it’s not a great idea to introduce new instruments 2/3 of the way through a track. By the end, this track is repetitive and fails to keep me engaged, unfortunately. The octave jumps around 3:00 – 3:15 don’t really serve to channel the energy in this track very well, and the coda was a bit rushed and lazily done IMO. I admire your sense of rhythm, but overall this track was pretty generic and repetitive. It’s also catchy, and the production quality is pretty high. Still, I would’ve liked to see some more creative and varied content. I hope this review helped. Keep at it, man! ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.

I'm a little over dance beats but this song goes good with one.

Jimmypig responds:

Thank you! Yeah they're not usually my cup of tea but I wanted to try something new.

anticlimax hype! :(
really was hoping for a big epic section after that build with the cello and the big drum fill, it sounds like the first half of a gigantic prog house track that you didn't have time to finish. lots of nice sounds in here otherwise, though that noise sweep into the snare and the pitch bending riff are a wee bit cheesy. good luck!

Jimmypig responds:

To be honest i had no idea what I was doing when I wrote this, I don't really like house, all I know is that not a lot really happens in house music so I tried to emulate it.

I did try adding load to the ending section but it just sounded overdone then and cheesy, plus EVERY single one of my songs is a big explosion of symphony. I'm glad you like parts though, I must have done something right. Thanks for the review! :)

this track is kinda neat i have to say.
i especially like the beginning up to around 0:30.
i have to agree with the others being a bit repititive, but somehow i have the feeling this critic from the others might be 'cause you labeled it as house music. for me this track is more some kind of a trip and i have the feeling, when taking it as a trip and not as a typical house music, the repitivness kinda fits. the ending needs to be redone, you can do it a lot better!
other than that its kinda good, hope to see ya next round (the more rounds the more music from ya ;D).
so cheers and good luck fro ya bro.
quality 4/5
taste 4/5

Jimmypig responds:

Haha thanks man! It is repetitive, it's house, house is repetitive as fuck but it always sounds really clean which was my challenge here. Mixing a track well is as hard as composing it well IMO, but that said it's not a genre I'll be doing much else on, I like the more dynamic songs.

Thanks for the review again :) I replied to your last review but the song had to be taken off to redo it.

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Aug 10, 2015
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