Cyndy and Felicia

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"Thank you." Felicia whispered to the older girl was currently cradling her in her arms. The older girl smiled as she started running her fingers through the younger girl's blonde hair.

"You don't need to thank me, and you don't need to feel embarrassed. Everybody has nightmares." Cyndy said with a soft voice before giving the girl a reassuring smile which she hoped would calm her down enough for her to fall asleep.

"Yes, but most girls don't wet the bed after they have a bad dream." Felicia said before turning her head away from the older girl as if to hide the expression on her face. "And most teenage girls don't ask someone they’ve just met to read them a children's story before they go to bed." Felicia said as a small tear started to slide down her face which appeared to shimmer after being bathed in the light of the moon coming from the open window in Cyndy's bedroom. The older girl only smiled and started to gently rock the shy blonde-haired girl who still remained in her arms.

"If it makes you feel any better, Lucy had a nightmare just last night and immediately sought me out to comfort her." Cyndy whispered to the young blonde teenager.

"Our parents are many miles away from us and living in another house. So I doubt that Lucy would have received the comfort she needed by making a phone call to two people who are fairly apathetic towards her existence." Cyndy whispered, and upon feeling her friend's muscles tense slightly she started to pull the girl a little closer towards her.

"I suspect that you have a similar home life." Cyndy said, before chuckling slightly as her eyes wandered around her lavish bedroom.

"Minus the separate homes and large amount of wealth of course." Cyndy chuckled, and a similar sound was heard from Felicia, before her tiny display of humor was replaced with a misty-eyed expression and a sob as she instinctively wrapped her arms around her newfound friend and started to cry on her shoulder. Cyndy started rubbing her hands along her back in an attempt to soothe the blonde-girl who was currently sharing her bed.

"Sometimes I feel like nobody understands what it's like to be me." Felicia sobbed as she continued to allow her tears to be absorbed by Cyndy's pajamas.


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