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Jul 31, 2015 | 11:51 PM EDT
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Rated 4.52 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Trance

Author Comments

So... That was a fun six hours! :D

Okay, fine, I'd written the main melody earlier. But honestly, 90% of this song was churned out in the last six hours at my friend's house, and I'm still shocked I could get so much done in time :D

Thanks again to TheDaintedLogic6 for hosting the NGAUC! Once I fix some of the bugs in this song (after NGAUC judging, of course), this may just become one of my personal bests (in my opinion)!

Thanks for listening and hope you enjoyed!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

== I wasn't your judge for the NGAUC but then you send me a PM asking me to review this track so I figured that sounded like an acceptable thing to do ==

First things first. You gotta get better instruments. Consider this your official commandment to learn sound design, or at least find some good presets. Honestly, when I do sound design, 80% is finding a close preset, and 20% is tweaking that preset to get what I want. So you could get 80% of the way there with practically no effort, hehe.

The sounds that you're using currently have 100% maximum cheese factor to them. That can work... sometimes... usually if your song is really sad. This song is not sad. Not in the slightest. :P

I would normally point you in the direction of some similar songs here, so that you have a direction to go in, but in this case I'm not really sure of any super happy upbeat techno. Well, there's obviously chiptune, so you could do something like or But I assume that you don't always want to write chiptune (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU).

There's also the interesting case of the melody at 1:33. It's actually a pretty good melody in that the way that you end it by going downwards is well done. And yet it doesn't captivate me as much as it should, which is weird. What a mystery! And it's not just related to that melody. In fact, I think that all melodies are being dragged down a little bit, for some mysterious reason. What could it be, detective johnfn? Well, I'd say that the #1 suspect is...

THE CHORD PROGRESSION. (In the midrange with a tonic.)

Behold the following mathematical chart based in 100% mathematical reality and following mathematical laws (which I actually dreamed up the other day, not even having heard this song):

Sad Chords + Sad Melody = Sad Song
Sad Chords + Happy Melody = Dancy/Edgy song (my song Light Up is a good example)
Happy Chords + Sad Melody = Wistful song
Happy chords + Happy Melody = DANGER: CHEESY ZONE

(To be 100% accurate, happy + happy doesn't always equal cheese, but it's pretty darn hard to avoid until you get really good.)

Your song has the happiest chord progression ever, and then you put the happiest melody on top... it's too much happiness! (That, and the sound design.) I'm just imagining if you did your progression now, but every other bar you did iii -> IV -> V -> I instead, I think that would add a bit of variation and make the song better. And if you varied up your progression even more, it could be EVEN BETTER.

The melody is not bad. But if you tweaked the progression to be more moody, then the melody would really shine. As it is, I can't really get into it because it's too happy. Also, it gets repeated a little too often, but that could be helped with a different progression, too.

Other assorted nit-picks: I think that I hear some clipping around 1:09.

Also, the song needs a little more bass. You have a bass instrument, but it's not as low as I'd hope.

Hypothetical overall score: 7 or 7.5 depending on how generous I was feeling, hehe. I see that every other judge gave you a 7.5 so who am I to disagree? :P

Hypothetical mini-scores
* Mixing: 3+/4
* Composition: 3/4
* Arrangement: 4/4

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LunacyEcho responds:


=> better instruments =>

I guess I didn't have enough time to tweak them to the right sounds. :P I don't have much of an ear for sound design; that's a goal I really ought to work towards in the future :D

=> maximum cheese factor =>

This is something people have been saying to me for YEARS :D

=> similar songs =>

Ah, both of those I've already listened to from your brilliant newspost! But I get the idea of what you're talking about.

=> you don't always want to write chiptune =>

I was originally going to write a chiptune song for the round! Okay, and orchestral song that turned into an orchestral/chiptune hybrid that just turned into chiptune. But then I came up with this melody and that all fell apart :D

=> 1:33 melody going downwards =>

Yes I definitely did that on purpose because I am a theory god and it was no way unintentional


Uh oh.

=> mathematical chart =>

I talked to LSD about this, and he seems to disagree with it :D But I can think of examples for each of the things you mentioned and see the reason behind them, and that's something I'll definitely have to consider in future songs!

=> too much happiness =>

Well, if you like being grumpy and sad all the time :3

=> iii > IV > V > I =>

Hmm, lemme try this.


Wow, that's really good! Although the V>I thing at the end kind of gives it a feeling that it's finishing there, whereas the melody repeats a lot, so I'd kind of want to give it that continuous feeling. I would definitely use this as an ending for each chorus, though!

=> 1:09 clipping =>

HOW?! Just... how did you hear this? You are a true mixmaster.

=> bass =>

I set the bass when I first started writing the beginning, didn't change it, and got used to it :/ It does need a better bass instrument, I agree.

=> Arrangement: 4/4 =>


Thank you so much for the amazing review! I'll take all of this advice to heart and make future uploads less... dangerously cheesy. :D:D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Them melodies! They're wonderful.

To begin with, I diagree with TaintedLogic about the high-pitched/harsh-soundingness at 0:14. I'm usually the first to notice if something is irritating to the ears (I easily get headaches), and I'd say that the sound design you used is actually pretty smooth. That said, it's not a super unique combination of instruments. The rhythm is very pleasant to listen to. The name really is perfect.

I don't mind the breakdown early in the piece from a structural standpoint. Actually, I think it's good taht you're breaking the normal formula, at least to some extent. I'm sure you just tried to develop the piece into something new there, which you did. The breakdown itself though, feels almost unnecessarily empty to me. There the white-noisy sounding crash (we both know I don't know the name of things), and some low pads. Not every section needs to have every frequency range in it, but to me there's something missing here, probably something a bit lower than 0:47, but higher than the pads, if that makes sense. Just a personal opinion though.
Something like that does enter at 0:53 though, so I guess you're forgiven this time (and what was missing was not necessarily anything melodic either).
The melodies that come next are simply brilliant, especially as they really start at 1:20. I know some people might not like the kind of lead you chose, but I love it! I really love the dual action at 1:40!!!

As you already know, the main melody sounds to me like it hints at the overworld theme from Mario, although just a little bit.
I don't know if this is necessarily too repetitive, even though some people have said that. As johnfn has said, a good melody deserves to be repeated. Usually people complain that I am not repetitive enough, and now people think this is too repetitive, even though you've got tons of variations in the similar parts, like different percussions or sub-melodies.
I'm especially surprised that TaintedLogic found this to be repetitive, as I know he is a fan of House music, and is always complaining that I repeat too little XD
Oh well.

To me, the mix sounds very solid, and I enjoyed all the melodies, including the section that starts at 02:27.

If you wonder why I gave this a solid 5/5, it is because even despite the criticism, this made me really happy, and I would have nothing to complain about if I didn't try analyze the piece (except for the weird emptiness in the first breakdown). And I'm a sucker for good melodies.
If I were a judge, I'd be a bit harsher, of course.

Just one question though! WHEN WILL YOU MAKE A "DOWNSINKER"? Hmmm?
I've been promised one, and I will not give up.

Either way, splendid job overall. Them percussions are really cool. Keep it up ;)
(Also, remember the medley of my tracks you promised to make hehhe? I sure am making sure you have unnecessary tasks, don't I? At least you shouldn't get bored [P.S. You don't have to do any of those things, but it'd be cool]).

Favorited ;)

LunacyEcho responds:

=> :14 =>

Thanks! Although it is a somewhat acquired taste from trance music that's ACTUALLY trance music and not this thing. :P

=> breakdown =>

I think the reason I added the emptiness is for, to quote TL, "dynamic contrast". I was thinking a lot about contrasts in this song to make it LESS repetitive, actually - consciously making changes to the chord progression, drum pattern, main lead, complexity level, backing tracks, etc. I think it made at least the first three minutes of the song quite engaging. :P Then I screwed it all up with a whole minute of the same melody but WHATEVER

=> something missing =>

I'm really bad at judging which frequencies to add, since I don't have as much of an ear for mixing. :P I was listening to this on the car stereo and the drums and the trance lead completely overpowered everything!

=> dual action at 1:40 =>

Thank johnfn for inspiring it in Light Up! (feels so weird to cite a johnfn song using capital letters)

=> repetitive =>

I think the reason I justified using the same melody over and over is that I had four separate eight-bar repetitions of it in the final minute or so, and each had a distinct variation. 2:54-3:07 had an obviously different backing rhythm, 3:07-3:20 was basically the same as the second chorus, 3:20-3:34 added a harmony, fat snare, and open hi-hats, and the ending is just the ending. I guess I sort of value how a melody works with the backing track, while others just value the repetition of a melody in general. :P

=> 2:27 =>

2:27-2:54 is my favorite melodic section :P



=> medley =>

If I don't get past the NGAUC round (probably a given) or the NGADM tryouts (hopefully not?), I'll do it. :P I was planning on doing it once I was less busy with competitions anyways :D

Thanks so much for the huge review! :P


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'm going to be tougher on you than I usually am, because, well...this is for a competition. I liked the warm pads at the beginning, but the brass at :07 seemed a bit punchy by comparison. The synth at :14 is a little high-pitched and harsh-sounding, and I think you could've gone in a lot of different directions with it melodically. I was a little confused when :41 offered an almost breakdown-like section because I expected there to be a notable climax before any sort of re-intro. I liked the melodies at around :56, and the progression by around 1:20 is rather pleasant. I love all of the melodic development you offer by the end of this piece, but I'm not sure you needed much of the first 40 seconds. It's, overall, very smooth-flowing and structurally sound. I think you could've done a bit more with dynamic contrast (even though there are clear structural ups-and-downs to the piece). I think the harmonies around 3:22 are my favorites of the piece. The ending is a bit sudden, though, and I think it gets a bit repetitive by the end. Still, I love the upbeat mood and melodic content. The mixing is also rather good. I suppose one big drawback for me was that it didn't seem very unique. I've reviewed a LOT of upbeat techno/trance/house songs for this contest already, and while the melodies are memorable and the production solid, perhaps doing something more original with the sound design or adding some interesting effects would be a better way of distinguishing yourself from the other competitors. Still, this is a cool piece. Keep up the good work, LunacyEcho! ;D


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LunacyEcho responds:

=> brass at :07 =>

My bad! I was planning on raising the volume of the pads in the intro and automating the volume of the brass and trance synth to gradually get louder after a somewhat softer entry, but I didn't get the chance to. :P I'll fix it once the competition is over, though!

=> synth at :14 =>

Is it really? I just used a really common trance synthesizer. :P It's basically a preset, actually! Just with a few tweaks in regards to resonance.

=> :41 breakdown =>

Yeah, I think the only reason that happened was because :27 was the very first thing I wrote, so I kind of got used to hearing it at the beginning :P I do agree it feels a little out of place, though.

=> sudden ending =>

That was another part I didn't have enough time to fix :( I DEFINITELY agree with you on that account :D

=> unique =>

I was kind of hoping the solo melodies would add to the uniqueness of the song :P Hey, if you've heard a lot of songs in the same vein as this, mind sharing some? This is the kind of style I love to listen to :D

Thanks for the review! And thanks for all the reviews you'll be giving over these next few days :D All your work has been appreciated!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Makes me want to barf happiness, and that is not a bad thing.

The kick sounded very familiar, did you use just one sample or did you use multiple?

LunacyEcho responds:

=> barf happiness =>

Thanks! Surprisingly, I get that a lot :P

=> kick sample =>

Ahaha, all of my drum samples are those really generic dubstep drum samples that I downloaded a while ago. You can hear them all over the place! For example, my crash is the same as dj-Nate's :P


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Would be better if it had a rock violin.


On a more serious note, this song is bright and catchy but 3repetitive5me.

I suggest more dank memes.

LunacyEcho responds:

I will never



Write a song with rock violin in it

Just for you