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Jul 31, 2015 | 11:32 PM EDT
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Rated 4.78 / 5 stars
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Electronic - New Wave

Author Comments

Little thing, this is FUTURE BASS, not new wave.


I've always dreamed of flying.

Imagine rising towards the sky, towards the great heights, with nothing to take you there but yourself.

Imagine finding yourself within the _Clouds, not knowing where you are but knowing your safe,

Then; you break through them and find yourself in a vast range of peaks and valleys, and grand formations of condensation;

The soaring, rising and falling melodies you would hear as you rush through the range, ebbing and flowing in and out of the surface of the great _Clouds, flying chaotically but still free, still safe, soaring just like the melodies.

Spend a while in the clouds, rise above and find yourself in the valleys of the sky.

Descending to reality; I will always dream of the _Clouds.


I hope all of you enjoy this Future Bass song!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

-I have no Idea what future bass is but I think this has a really nice flow with an almost jazz fusion feel. The arp's are great icing on the cake very well done! I like your use of Cymbals to increase hits and drive into new sections of the song.

-Chords are really good, an interesting progression.
-Drums are great and blend with the bass quite nice, i think they could be turn down just a tad.

Great song!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

== This is an NGAUC Knock-Out Round Review ==

Whoa! Even on the first listen, I was really taken aback by this piece. All the set pieces of EDM are there, but you take it in a much different direction - a direction that has really cool sounding chords and melodies.

I have to say, your melodies and solos are really unique and cool. The melodies and chord progressions are probably my favorite aspect of this piece, and that is just SO satisfying to say in a genre where melodies and progressions are usually eschewed in favor of loud obnoxious build ups

I really enjoy the processing that you’ve put on that lead. There is this really bizarre effect that happens when you pitch-bend it - it’s almost as if it splits into a bunch of little leads and they pitch-bend at different times. I’ve never heard anything quite like that, and it’s a very cool, effective idea that adds to the trippy atmosphere of the piece. The sound design is great, which I could tell almost immediately upon opening your track and hearing the nice plucks.

The mixing is on point as well. The kick and snare are loud as heck - almost too loud, perhaps?

I have to say, this piece is pretty friggin' good. The way that you’ve taken EDM and turned it inside out, with interesting chord progressions, cool effects and processing that I’ve never heard before is pretty impressive. Well done.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Mini-Scores (see here:
* Composition: 3+/4
* Arrangement: 4/4
* Mixing: 4/4

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trunotfals responds:

Thank you for your great review! And thank you so much for being a part of choosing me to be in the knock-out round! To be honest I would've liked to hear more of how I could've improved! Haha but nonetheless it's good to know the strengths I can focus on. Thank you so much.

I'm very glad you appreciated my take on EDM. I love to hear artists like FEED ME or VARIEN or WRLD do much more complicated things with their music. I love to hear unique complicated chord progressions, the ones that grab your ear like "ooooooooooooh whats that" and then force you to pull out your old theory notebooks and figure it out yourself. (If you're a theory nerd like me) That kind of feeling was my biggest inspiration for the chord structure of this song. Which is what I started with and built off of as well. The melody was one of those things where you play the chord progression over and over, and have an idea of your drop, and then you just sit there and listen over and over, until you start to hear a melody. and then slowly let it form into the program. One that just....speaks to you xD 0.o.

The effect you're hearing on the lead is simply a delay on the voice, automated to turn up JUST on the end of the voice, so that it only delays that little tail end of the phrase when i pitch bend it up and down, and timed just right so it sound unnatural and kind of makes you not realize it's a delay at all. I'm glad you appreciated it it was a big effect I wanted to sell. YAY. Wanted to add that kind of transcendent out of body experience-likeness to it, the kind of feeling you'd have if you were actually free flying. Like "is this really happening?"..."Descending back to reality...." (?)

And as I said with SkyeWint, I'm glad the mixing was appreciated by you guys, I'm going to make sure I use similar techniques and levels in my knockout round piece, cause this was the first time I think I hit the sweet spot in my mix. I can't forget how to do that. (yay FL 12 for being so streamlined)

Well once again, Thank you for being a part of choosing me to be one of the ones to move on. I'm a little shocked, extremely happy, and very nervous to start my next song.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hey there. Some general commentary on your song for NGAUC.

-Excellent windy sounds, arpeggios, and plucks in the beginning. Very pretty and sky-sounding.
-The melody in this is aaaaaall over the place, and it's pretty sweet. I like it. That said, it's a bit too all over the place, and could use a bit more consistency.
-Dem subs, man. Those are sweet. Your drums are nice and punchy too, which I appreciate.
-Not sure what the sound effect at 2:19 is, but I wish it were louder. There's a lot of ear candy here which could be louder tbh.
-Good ending - it concludes very well.

Final score: 8.5/10

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trunotfals responds:

Thank for your review and I'm honestly very surprised at how much you guys liked this piece! Not that I doubt my capabilities, but this was the FIRST time I got really serious about my mixing. Most of my time spent making this piece was watching tutorial after tutorial on sidechaining, mixing with multiband compressors, EQ tricks, etc. etc. etc.

I'm glad my hard work payed off and I think I have a pretty good idea on how to master from now on. It's taken me a long time to finally make a piece where the Subs can shine, yet it doesnt drown out everything else. I'm so glad you appreciated that too. And I like what you said about my melodies to be honest. One thing I try to do in my music is well, write kind of "soloistic melodies" I guess I could take this idea and make it more clear that that's my intention, I suck at writing super catchy melodies. And when I succeed at it, it takes up a lot of time and effort to do so. SO I kind of mixed those two ideas here and tried to write a floaty/soloistic melody. I've always kind of wrote "solos" instead of melodies, inspired from FEED ME, because thats just my style i guess. I can hear a wonderful wailing synth solo easier than a super catchy repetitive melody, and I like that my EDM ends up being different because of that.

And I agree there is a lot of ear candy, the reason im so suprised you liked my mixing, is because there WAS so much going on, and i honestly got way over my head there because when it came to mixing, there was a lot of my intent that was missed. However, the final product was more than satisfactory to me. I remember after my final master (it took me about 5 attempts) I was listening with my friend about to ask their opinion, the moment the sub hits the first time, just before the chill drop, i was like DAMN. For the first time my mix sounded so full and intense, and luscious. I absically was like IM NOT TOUCHING THE MIXER OR MAXIMUS AT ALL WHATSOEVER I NEED THE SOUND TO STAY THAT WAY.

TLDR; Thank you so much for appreciating this piece. I've never put so much work into a song. Ever. I'm so happy to have made the Knockout Round.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

No words can describe the beauty contained in this piece. It certainly gives one the sensation of flying carefree on the open air, viewing the world from above; so far up that everything in this chaotic world, for once, looks peaceful and still. Excellent work. Keep it up!

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trunotfals responds:

Thank you for the returned review Zombie! It's amazing to hear that you believe there is such beauty in this piece. It warms my little 'ol heart to hear that. I was hoping that the feeling of flying above the _Clouds would be portrayed! Thank you for thinking so, and I'm glad you enjoyed this song!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome track!! Very unique chord progressions!! I think you'll make it to the final, aaaaand five stars!! :D

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trunotfals responds:

Thanks for the five stars! haha. And thank you for appreciating the chord progression! I was worried doing some modal mixture would be weird to the ears, but I'm in love with it and glad you appreciate it!