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Somehow, after spending months with no ideas and no successful projects, I managed to finish two songs within a week of each other. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited to upload this here. I look forward to your reviews!

Also, I have no idea what genre half of my music fits into. If you think this belongs better in another genre, please let me know.

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Yo, what's up? It's birdy boy, poppin' in for another OL jam. Let's take a look...

Overall, this is pretty agreeable, but not memorable enough to make it a favourite. I'll try to explain why!

My main problem with this song is that the drums feel like they're just...there. They play different patterns, but they don't feel particularly essential to the arrangement. I guess what I'm saying is that I could easily see them being replaced without affecting the mood of the song. I will say however that their dry sound helps them stand out from all the reverb you've got on the synths, which is a good mixing decision.

The synths and melodies are all pretty good, though I could've used something more different texturally around the middle of the song (1:47) just to prevent fatigue (the dynamic change is welcome, though). 2:51 to the end is the strongest section to me; it really cements that main "hook" in to your mind, and the lingering of the backing tracks followed by the cutting of the drums and that warm pad make for a solid outro.

To help this song, I would change up the drums to something heavier -- something that complements the big sound of the synths you've used (especially that pad!). The panning you've put on the existing drums is alright, but I feel like it's there to compensate for their lack of power, making them stand out in a different way that isn't as satisfying as it could be.

A extra synth or two used somewhere in the middle of the song as a main atmosphere builder/base would help the song sound a little less generic and add variety.

Melody writing is not a problem for you. The stuff I hear here is naturally interesting, so if you want to improve, focus on other areas first!

Overall, I don't have issue with the mixing, but the arrangement could use some work. I hope you find this constructive and helpful. If you have any questions, or want me to take a look at something you post in the near future, shoot me a PM!

OpenLight responds:

I completely agree. That's why I've been waiting to make a new track haha. Once I have my new setup, I'll have new options.

Awesome melodies and sounds! Nothing new for an Openlight track! :P

OpenLight responds:

Thanks! Hopefully, when I finally get around to making another, it'll be good as well haha

Once again, OpenLight, you've opened my eyes to how well made Techno music can potentially be.

OpenLight responds:

Thanks! I'm glad I'm doing something right. Hopefully soon, I may be able to finish some more music.

999999999999999999/10 would play this song would listen to this song again when he was an old man

OpenLight responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

dude, you're like the Beethoven of techno music!!! 100 STARS!!!

OpenLight responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate this review and your support.

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Jul 30, 2015
6:26 PM EDT
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