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Cheerful monsters and miserable sprites

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Author Comments



Damn mate, this track is pretty heavy! The starting synth immdiatly grasps your attention and makes you scream for more. The melody is well thought out and even though the title obviously refers to Skrillex, it made me think more of the style of Eptic. The beat is very solid and clear, but I feel like the kick could use a little better mixing. The piano on the afterbeat works well but sounds a little detuned at some points, matter of taste maybe but it’s noticable.
The break works great, it offers a pauze in the track right when it should but still makes the listener eager for what’s to come. The way you build up to the drop with the chords coming in is just perfect, and the drop kicks major ass, even though I was kind of missing an impact like a splash cymbal or something like that.
The sounds used in the drop are fantastic. The wobbles are very muddy and nasty and would satisfy every dub/brostep fan. The chords inbetween work really well but need a little more accent on the higher frequencies to make them actually stand out.
The second break also works great, even though it’s slightly shorter. I was hoping for a little more variation here though. Same goes for the drop, it’s pretty much the same as before. Since you’re working towards the end of the track, it woud fit to add something new. Maybe introduce a new synth or a cool melody! Reptitiveness is not what you want: if people notice your song is just a repetition of itself, even if it’s as good as this one, they lose interest.

Overall we’re talking a superb track here with just minor flaws. Keep up the good work!


- Oakwood

8-bitheroes responds:

Hey, thanks for your feedback, you went really into depth with what you like and dislike about the track which is super helpful to me. I feel like i'm reviewing your review here haha but thanks again...you made some great points.

I love the spooky mood right off the bat, but I think that your 2-second-long, fade-in intro was a bit lazily done. This piece deserves a proper intro. I like the punchy vibe, though, and how you create some space for climax and contrast at :30. The filtering and risers you have going on into :57 are really cool. The drop itself is intense, yet at the same time you kept it grounded in the theme of the piece, and rhythmically it was easy enough to follow (some brostep just seems all-over-the-place rhythmically, but, again, here you did a good job of keeping it grounded). I think the "huhs" that come in at 1:12 get buried in the mix a bit by the other instruments. Some more careful EQ'ing might help, although otherwise the mastering in this piece is quite good. Compression and panning are also important tools that I think you could've utilized just that much more. Also, instead of a breakdown at 1:38, you sort of launch into this minimalistic yet spooky section that doesn't offer much to the piece, and then you quickly build up back up to the second drop. Instead of really highlighting the contrast between this re-intro and drop, you sort of seem to hurry the piece along. I think this was a major mistake. I would encourage you to try to create as much dynamic contrast as possible by using 1:38 as a sort of "reset" moment in your piece. Right now it sounds like you only put it in there to bridge the gap between the drops. This piece is pretty short, so you could also have used that part of the piece to create some melodic development (the only melodies I'm seeing are in the intro and the coda, and they're exactly the same). The two drops themselves also seemed really similar to each other. You could've done so much more with the second one! Also, the piece itself cuts off suddenly - so suddenly, in fact, that at first I thought you had originally intended on looping it. Overall, this is an awesome idea for a track that's really rough around the edges. It's catchy and energetic and has some awesome moods and melodies. Structurally, it needs some work, though: adding an intro and more conclusive coda, and a breakdown that channels the energy a bit better by creating more dynamic contrast, could really help this piece out a lot. Until then, good job overall, 8-bitheroes. ;)


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8-bitheroes responds:

Thanks very much for your feedback, your right it did end a bit suddenly and as well the bridge was kind of a rush job in a ( im running out of time and ideas sorta thing) which at that stage i was lol. True i could of utilised panning more but i was afraid i might over do it, which is easily done. But i will consider that more in my next project. I know the intro fade in was short but i felt eager to get stuck in to the meaty parts :p

Great production. Love the chord progressions as well; occasionally melancholic, occasionally mysterious, occasionally joyful.

5/5 - Would boogie to

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8-bitheroes responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :)

Oh dear~
Why I choose today to submit my music?I regret to do this!

8-bitheroes responds:

Haha thanks man.

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4.69 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2015
9:55 AM EDT
File Info
7.7 MB
3 min 21 sec

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