Hope For A Tree

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This song is inspired by Job chapter 14: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Job%2014&version=NKJV

At verse 7, he begins to speak a comparison between man's hope for new life (which was 'none') and a tree's hope for life anew. When I read that chapter the other day it really moved me, because what are we in Christ? We're sinners who have died to ourselves to begin a new, everlasting life. That sounds exactly like the hope that the tree has in this chapter.

We don't have to go the way of man, be worn down and let our spirits dwell in Hell for eternity. We have a living God who loves us enough that He sent His Son down to us to be offered up as a sacrifice for our iniquity. No sin is too big for God to forgive, if you just put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This was done using my new vocal rig. I'm still trying to get the hang of it and it's been easy to get discouraged at the difficulty of learning how to EQ my voice on this thing, but I have pressed on and come up with this.

I want to give a bit of a shout out to samulis and EtherealWinds, since this is the first song I've released that uses the EtherealWinds Harp VST.

DAWs: FL 11, Audacity

These aren't the exact lyrics used in the song, but it's what I have written down:

My transgression is sealed up in a bag
And You cover my iniquity

No longer wearing me thin
I'm on my knees, forgive me!
You've turned this water from bitter to life giving

I am a tree cut down
I will return from the ground
I am a tree cut down
Yet I have hope

I am no longer a mountain
I am a rock no more
And no longer am I a stone
Or as the soil, being washed away

I am a tree cut down
I will return from the ground
I am a tree cut down
Yet I have hope

My tender roots will not cease
At Your scent I have budded
My stump may die in the ground, but I will live on


I love the tranquil mood at the beginning. The snare seemed a little dry, and the kick was very sub-bassy. I think you needed a second peak to that kick at around 500 Hertz, just to make it pop a bit more (although that's a pretty tiny detail). I liked how you offered some structural relief at 2:40. Otherwise, it was a pretty structurally flat piece, lacking dynamic contrast and melodic development. I liked the bass a lot, though. It really helped keep the texture well-balanced and full-sounding. It was cool that you based this piece off of a Bible passage. I like the lyrics, but tbh I'm not sure the whispered/spoken lyrics did much for me. It kind of added an ominous and apprehensive mood to the piece, whereas the lyrics themselves suggest a sort of empowering process. I don't know a lot about religion, but it seemed to me like the lyrics were referring to God's lifting up the meek, and I think this would've become clearer if the piece had more empowering vocals AND had more of a direction to it. I think you could've accomplished this by increasing the emotion and intensity towards the end of the piece, leading to the ultimate conclusion of "I will live on." As it is now, what could've been an epic moment of revelation at the end kind of falls flat IMO. It was a cool idea for a piece, but you need to capture both the mightiness of God and the meekness of the human soul through a structure that ebbs and flows. Otherwise, it can be hard to keep the listener engaged. It still has a lot of potential, though, so I'd encourage you to revisit this track! I hope you found this review helpful. Keep at it, man. ;)


Rahmemhotep responds:

First things first, this is based on a chapter from the book of Job. J-O-B! This guy was SAD and in MISERY. He was so absolutely torn down that he wished that the day and night of his birth would be blotted out and cursed and that he would have never been born. I don't see cause for really powerful vocals or a very powerful/epic atmosphere. Solemn, serene and yet hurt, but joyous, these things describe this song's mood paired with the lyrical themes.

Lyrically speaking the most powerful part is the chorus which is why it is the most powerful sounding part. Understanding your own standing with Christ, that your old self is dead, that when you die you will immediately be with the Father and later you will literally be physically resurrected and live forever as if you were a tree and you were cut down to sprout anew. This is all affirmed (in context) within the chorus.

Sorry if you didn't get it, but this is my style. I don't do things to please others, but to please the LORD my God. This is my ministry.

I'd also suggest you do not critique lyrical themes you do not understand.

Now this was surprisingly different... Your voice fits the atmosphere perfectly! I love your retro organ keys. The voice could be a tiny bit more present in the mix but otherwise it sounds good to me. Good luck here!

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Rahmemhotep responds:

I was thinking about turning it up slightly myself. Thanks for reinforcing that.

Thank you for the review!

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