Rucklo - Distress Call

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Goddamn 4-meg limit >:( Another "dark trip-hop skratch" thingy. I hope you like it.


"Doooo yoooou caaaapeeee?"

She says it in such an aroused and constipated manner, it made me LAWL all over my the keyboard. Anyhow, the song isn't exciting or that interesting before the damaged drums and scratches come in, then it really kicks off. So I'm giving you a 5 just because of that part, since it really pwned.

By the way, you reviewed my "Submerged Storm" song 7 months ago and then taking your advice into account and some of my own ideas, I finished it and retitled it to "Underwater Chills." Maybe you'd like to check it out.

Rucklo responds:

Hehe. Yeah, it´s supposed to really kick in when the beat drops, I love those stuff... :) The slowed samples are slow so they make the song slower, and then when the skratching starts and the beat hits, it feels like its speeding up.

I´ll go check ur song when i get the time mate!!!

Thanx alot for the reveiw.!

((VOTED 5))

Super nice song. It was good in every way possible. I personally think the intro was a little long but when it started going it really started going. Had some nice remixing in there and it was just so smooth. Definantly worthy of my 5.

Rucklo responds:

Thanx mate. Perhaps i should have done a little more of the intro.. ah well, next time ill think of that ^^


i love the arpegiated synth line, that runs througout the beginning of the track, that vocal sample thing tho is slightly irrating needs sum reverb and distance on it. when the proper section of the track kicked in instanly i thought of DJ Shadow, truly awesome beat arrangement and scratching going on. the actual production quality is fantastic really clean mate. again i dont like that vocal thing, its too close, and thats the only thing i dont like. the track is stunning tho mate, really impressed, its been a while since ive heard any of your output and i have to say u just keep surprising me.



pitters (loves you)

Rucklo responds:

You´re absolutley right about hte vocal, it´s too loud and upfront. I never really got to mix the vocals taht good, i was too lazy :) I´ll definitley remember that for the next song tho :)

DJ Shadow, is one of my influences, really glad ya see that! :)

Thanx for the review, i´ll keep surprising ya;)

Love it.

I love your music. You definetely have one of the most interesting styles on NG. I guess all Swedes are good producers. I love the IDM/Trip Hop feel in this song. Especially the crunchy drum dist! Was that a Scream4 sb patch? Or was it a handbuilt patch? Anyways, great song. Like the sine wave lead and the vox. But the scratches were orgasmic. Anyways. PM if you'd have time to collab, I'm also a dedicated Reason 3.0.4 user.

Thomas, (a.k.a Glib, a.k.a Watercolour)

Thanks for your vote, Glib! You voted 5 for Rucklo - Distress Call, raising its score from 4.29 to 4.38.

Rucklo responds:

That´s a scream 4 that i think was bitcrushed some... i kept the skratching mono, and the crunhyness on the sides... maybe it didnt work that well... ill have to experiment more with that stuff... I never used preset on the scream4, i never noticed it could actaully save patches even :)

Glad ya liked the song! I PM´ed you about collab, just damn respond if you wannna do it ;)

Feels like you're in a horror movie...

I really like how you put this one together, Rucklo. The track gave me the feeling like I was watching a horror movie where someone is sending a distress call and it ends up being a trap. I'll be looking forward to hearing more like this in the future from you.

Rucklo responds:

Thank you. Glad you liked the song. More stuff like this is coming up... when i get some time on my hands...

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Oct 13, 2006
6:43 AM EDT
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