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Rucklo - Distress Call

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Goddamn 4-meg limit >:( Another "dark trip-hop skratch" thingy. I hope you like it.


Holy Moly

My goodness, what a swell song! It's so swell, that I'm going to bake you a turnip and fire up some shark on the grill, so we can talk about this song over some mutha fuckin dinner. OH SNAP!

Well, I'm liking that police officer. At times I thought it was a 3 year old kid that pissed or shat in his pants. But who am I kidding? It's a nice song in which we can all respect the pigs that roam our "kingdom of freedom".

I can't get my mind off of the bleeping beginning synth. It has a nice little serenity thing about it. It went well with the bass.

Mmkay, I'm gunna head on out, over.


Rucklo responds:

Heh glad ya liked it, mate! And im glad you finally changed ur name back to third-nut, it´s much better then the other ones you´ve had ;)


This is the first time I've heard somebody actually skratching on NG. The beat was great gave the song a nice flow to it. I really liked the kick. The synth sounded pretty sweet and fit the song well. Overall a really great track man.

Oh and that chick from Alias you're talking about do you mean Jennifer Garner?

Rucklo responds:

Yeah not so many actually use skratching... kinda surpirise me, but after all, NG AP is more electro-techno-FL stuff :)

And yeah, that´s the girl! Jennifer Garner. hawt!

Thanx for the review mate!


Not quite sure about the fx'd vox stuff at the beginning and overall at some places. I don't think it fits the track very well. Or maybe it's just a new form of LOL speech!? Who knows!? Maybe only teh LoL Gang! >:(

Apart from that issue it's a well build track. Really the first time I heard actual skratches around here. Kudos for that, keep it up, it's teh shit!

Thanks for your vote, DarKsidE555! You voted 0 for Rucklo - Distress Call, keeping its score at 5.00.

Rucklo responds:

LOLZ tits that girl from "ALIAS" and she says "doooo yooouuuu coooopppppyyyyy" and then there actually arte lolz in the song, you noob. The skratches that arent her voice are crowd-lol that i skratched. Mwahahahaha

The slow vox makes the song sound slower, so when it kicks in and i start skratch, it sounds faster. I think so anyeway, and thats the poiint grrr >: (

thax for reviewing, bizzatch, lolz

do you copy?

listened to this ages ago, forgot to review tho. great feel to this, nice drum work too. uncle bastard is right, it is quite fingathing, just needs some double bass, if u ain't heard em b4, go check em out. yeh, pretty solid track, would like to hear a completely contrasting section tho it don't really need 1.
anyways, good work

Rucklo responds:

Fingathing are an influence of mine, some of their material anyway... Really gld ya liked the song, i really hagve to get back to your page and review some... im so very baad at reviewing nowadays... and listening too :(


Its relaxing AND creepy =X
Who could have thought of such a thing other than my fave artist rucklo!?!?!

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Rucklo responds:

take it ez, relax and BOOOOH!


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4.23 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2006
6:43 AM EDT
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3 min 39 sec

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