Trials of Perseverance

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I'm actually pretty proud of this one.


Not bad at all, barring those too-intense string synths. They don't sound bad, and your arranging is fine in that area. Maybe dial back the attack and play with velocity, or simply try another synth altogether.

Percussion sounds like it's in 4/4, while the strings are in 3/4. This gives an almost staggering 6/8 feel. I do like it. Your kicks, however, sort of lie there. It could be that they are stationed differently in the mix, so it sounds like they are literally sitting in one ear or the other, machine gunning the same exact sound. They don't sound like they really belong. Timpani sounds too low but not out of place as it reinforces the main theme.

Overall, this could be a much better piece if a little reverb was given to the kick to give some space to the piece. It could also do with some crash cymbals, rolls, or hits. There is also no snare that I can detect. Your melody is a plus, however, and the outro has an interesting harmonic at the end.

Nice work! Keep it up, and thanks for the request!

I am all about this. Keep up the awesome. :)

- V

3/4? it's simple: tock!-tick-tick. or tick-tick-tock!. or you could go crazy and tick-tick-tock!-tick (for a 4/4 feel).
Nice tune.

The piano intro was great, but those strings sound bit too loud, making it really hard to hear. Also, the strings somehow sound a bit too crisp, unrealistically so. I think I'd dial the volume and the attack back on those a little bit (assuming they're a synth and not sampled). Also the beat was a bit odd -- especially for a classical piece. I think I'd take it out altogether, or replace it with timpani maybe?

I really liked the melody you put together. And aside from the beat I thought everything was more-or-less on point. It does need some EQ work, though -- first to tone back the strings, and second to bring the piano out a bit more.

AzuMulu responds:

Thanks for the review! About the beat, I really don't have a clue how to properly use timpani. And I'm unfamiliar with making beats in 3/4 time in general. Do you know any where that talks about using timpani and percussion in 3/4? It'd be very helpful, thanks :)

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