Let's Have Some Real Fun ~P~

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What happens when you take Ahri, Draven, a loli voice, and a fourth undisclosed vocal sample and put it to a fart bass? Some seriously seductive NSFW music is what~! :P
I made this for the funsies over livestream as a joke to try to make NSFW music, and judging from most people's reactions I succeeded. xD
Created using samples of Ahri's voice, Draven's voice, a loli voice, and a human fart. :3
Enjoy the sexy silliness~!

~Phyrnna ^_^

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It's a great song. Except beside the human fart you included, I mean if you didn't mention it. I wouldn't have notice the sounds in the background! Now that I known, I can't even remove the farts in my headt! XD

Verdict: 10/10 sexy, cuty and funny as hell, paradise and farts mixed together

i can't say that wasn't unique..

I have the weirdest boner right now :P
Really love how you used the samples! I'm pretty sure people will use this for their LoL videos if they haven't already! xD

Phyrnna responds:

Oh boy I think it would be hilarious to see it in videos! It was a ton of fun to make >:)

By complete random chance I stumbled upon this song. I was looking for a song to use for something... I ain't touching that. Not because it's bad, but... well... it's that type of song.
Why did I make this account just to leave this review?
Well I witnessed something pretty special that makes you deserve the title of queen of music.
Before, I didn't like your music too much, but then again, it's hard to make a song amazing by itself.
You managed to do that right here, right now. What's more, you somehow have time to make all this "musical genius" (not meaning that offensively, rather, seriously) and at the same time respond relatively quickly to all those other reviews. Yesterday, a review went up, and at about the same time you responded. I won't go test your speed, as that would be spam, but unlike the comments section of YT or other places, you can't have a conversation of any kind. You just do what I'm doing right now and say things like "I get it now. This thing is amazing. And though I may not be old enough to understand all of it, it's still really cool." (I mean that completely truthfully)
Just that singing (is that your voice? o_O) by itself is enough, but you had to add the extras, and take all those League Of Legends quotes out of context. Because if a song makes you overthink and contemplate reality, the composer definitely did something right. A whole new perspective on LoL and the universe in which this thing belongs.
Another thing - what exactly inspired you to make this? Did someone just challenge you to make NSFW stuff and you did? Did you listen to Eighto and then have the idea of taking it to another level? Even with whatever inspiration, how exactly do you make something like this? I thought Jomekka did good, but from the first few seconds of this I already knew exactly what was coming. One thing about music is that generally some image is created in the listener's mind, and this one put a very solid image of Ahri and Draven into my mind. After I looked up who they were, that is.
5 stars, and not just because of the purity of the "sexy silliness" (which is kind of innaccurate unless people are actually attracted to the song) but also everything I've already said. This song does so many things... and the most impressive is your life behind the scenes. You did this over a livestream, and you still pump out content all the time. While doing so, you also have time left to flip through your tracks on NG and respond to every single review that comes up. What do they all say? 5 stars. And I'd have to agree.
I kind of forced my friend to make something with this as the inspiration as well, and what he created was "Seduction". So clearly I'm not the only one who thinks like this. He listened to less than a minute of it and already got that image imprinted in his mind. Unlike some other of those creations, I found it impossible to change that.
You have got to be the most dedicated artist on the entire site, if not the planet.
You deserve that crown.
And I deserve some headphones.

Phyrnna responds:

I hope you got your headphones~!

In any case I would say that you felt the story I wrote into the music, even if it was an utterly silly one. xD Can't really say what was the source of inspiration, let alone if there was just one, but I certainly felt randomly inspired to make a NSFW song and I'm very glad that you enjoyed it!
I definitely do love making music, and I am very glad that you enjoy listening to it!

Don't make to much of a mess now~!

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Jul 21, 2015
9:22 AM EDT
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