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The track tells the story of the sacrifices made in war by all involved and on both sides and those willing to sacrifice all that is dear to them for their individual beliefs in what they are fighting for
no one is exempt from the sacrifice.


Very very Good, Worth more listening

It's almost spot on, the only problem i found is that it's a tad repeatable, i think you could have experimented some more on where you can take this, your crescendo builds up to the same thing but the melody i believe isn't strong enough to get it home on its own. To better understand what i'm saying you should take a listen, if you already haven't, to Zbigniew Preisner's Lacrimosa (Tree of Life) In Lacrimosa Preisner found a strong melody that is so captivating that allows him to drag it on and on, not saying you should be Preisner, but when you're talking war you're talking sacrifice and i think you covered only half of your theme's potential. I love your choir samples, what did you use for that?

SoundSpectre responds:

Hi, thanks for listening and thank you very much for the feedback, i have had a few people now tell that perhaps it is a bit repeatable but at the time i was so much in the zone of what i was creating and liked the chords so much that i repeated them adding new elements stemming from the chords every 4 or 8 bars. When i first started to produce music years ago i was into electronic music and i think i carry over the methods a bit too much i think, trance was one of my main styles and imo trance is the art of repetition and when done right can be hypnotic, but i think i am starting to learn a bit more from this style and will continue until i master it but also i will still experiment and use elements of my electronic love as well, i don't like to limit myself to a genre box too much as i like to just create from the heart, and i used symphobia 3 lumina and shevannai for the choir samples.

Nice! But i think strings need to be a little bit more softly.
And General melody always same.. (Sounds like a loop only instrumetns change.).
Just my opinion. Anyway, almost perfect ;) :) Well done.!

SoundSpectre responds:

Thanks for listening :)

I liked it, it reminds me of mulan a bit, probobly because of the war.

All the vocals are on point and emotional, and the strings fit perfectly.
There are two things I think could have been better:
1.It drags a little bit, there are long segments where nothing changes.
2.As beatiful it is to listen to, the lack of a melody makes this song not very memorable.

All around this song is pretty good, and I can see it being played during an actual (dramatic, not action packed) war scene.

SoundSpectre responds:

Thanks for listening and the feedback i appreciate it :)

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