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Hey all. Skye here. I think I should give a bit of preface to this. Winter wrote this piece of music, for the most part. I gave some tips now and then, mixed it, and helped out a bit with sequencing it so that it would be more realistic, as if someone had played it. Oh, I also came up with the two main melodies that play in the first 35 seconds. I did the very ending section, too (which kinda sucks IMO but oh well, couldn't think of much more to end it and Winter couldn't either, so... eh).

Honestly, she's a pretty amazing composer since this is her first full song that she made after watching me compose and learning the process of it. I only gave some tips on harmonies and similar, but she came up with the main theme (the arpeggios) starting at 1:07 and completely independently came up with the absolutely BRILLIANT cadence leading into the finale from 1:58 to about 2:20. Man, how do you end a piece after that kind of stuff?

All in all, for a first actual piece of music, this is pretty good. I'll stop geeking out about the parts she did and I'll let you people out there be the big judges, since I'm obviously biased!

This piece was inspired from @Step and @johnfn, primarily.

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It's very majestic and flowing. Sometimes, the pacing is a bit off IMO. For example, it seems like you were going for some sort of dramatic pause at 1:06, and then you sort of rushed into 1:07. I like the structural relief you start providing around the 2-minute mark. That part is lighter and more tranquil. Then, you sort of abruptly transition back into some heavier, darker content, interrupting the flow with some more staccato notes. The way you sort of alternate styles (lighter and flowing vs. dark and staccato) may be a bit disorienting, but eventually I recognized that it helps capture a fleeting inner-struggle, rather ingeniously similar to the second-guessing that occurs after one realizes the potency of a seeming trifle of an afterthought. ;) Also, after reading the description I was a bit confused. Are there two different people who use this Newgrounds account? And, if so...which one is judging my competition? XD I thought "Winter" was simply your surname, Skye. 0_O Either way, I like the piece overall. The ending was a bit inconclusive, and it's a little stylistically disjointed (as I mentioned), but other than that this is solid work. Keep at it, SkyeWint. ^^

SkyeWint responds:

Nah, Winter isn't my surname. Winter is another person. I mainly use the account but I thought I should post her music on here as well. :) Don't worry, I'm judging the competition.

Just thought I'd post this on here and see how people liked it, especially since it's her first piece.

I'm going to buy you a stereo piano sample library one of these days... :P

SkyeWint responds:

All I gotta do is keep making piano pieces with this mono sample, eh? <3

srsly though this is great free piano soundfont.

This reminds me of some Final Fantasy music like in Advent Children there's this specific piano piece that comes to mind. Overall, this is great, maybe it's just me, but I feel this could be turned down a little, and the high end could be turned up a little, and maybe a little lower on the high mid, but maybe that's just me. This is brilliantly composed though, very creative. It flows nicely. Well done.

SkyeWint responds:

Thank you. We both tried our best. I could probably stand to make it a bit less bassy, I guess. I didn't go 100% through my normal mastering process. :(

Wow, this is a brilliant piece. Especially for basically being someome's full piece o.O
As a pianist, I really enjoy the harmonies, patterns and tempo stuff (I'm very great at theoretical terms, I know). The mixing is great too, and does a lot for the overall sound.
Easy favorite, this one.
Coincidentally, I uploaded a track that was heavily inspired by johnfn today as well, although it's a pretty differet kind of track XD

Awesome job, both of you!!!

SkyeWint responds:


Glad you like it! :) Main thing I ended up doing for the mixing was getting rid of some cross-sample clicking that was going on with the loudest notes and maximizing it since piano alone is often too quiet to really be properly heard.

I'll have to listen to the track you uploaded!

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