Japanese Cartoon Song

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Sped up 7.5bpm and added bridge to accomidate NG viewers' short attention-span.

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Should this be fluent thanks to the kind of techno-harmony that's stranded here...?

Turning-Japanese responds:

I ... what?
Thanks for listening, and your score.

there ya go

a completely generic japanise toon song 10/10 for completing ur goal

Turning-Japanese responds:

Thanks! I guess my mindset in making this is all in the name.
Sorry for the late response, and thanks for your review.

I really really like this song

It's cheesy, in a cute sort of way.
I might use this in a boss battle in my game if that be OK, kthx :D

Turning-Japanese responds:

That's fine with me! I hope it's okay with you that this response is like four months late!

tsugoi ne

cooool. aligato you=cool
don't stop making songs

Turning-Japanese responds:

Sadly, I have. :-/
But I'm glad you liked this!


I got bored 10 seconds into it, i dont even think i made it that long.

Turning-Japanese responds:

Well.. thanks for your honesty! I appreciate the review.