~Witz~ Leap of Faith (Electro Mix)

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2 songs in a week and a half? Could it be? Yes! Another beautiful house track made with the help of Ben Busche (Recollect)

Please leave feedback, I strongly consider constructive criticism in my final edit.

Updated 7/10: changed up the beggining and added a little mini intro and took off the kick drum from the beggining... recompressed the kick and readjusted the levels and some automations. added a new hat pattern im sure you noticed. Hope its better now!

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Here's the deal with this. I listened to some of the key parts that people said were weak, and here are my observations.
1. The kick doesn't need to be any louder. Don't touch that notch. Don't even think about it. You know why? Because this is not hip-hop, this is not drum n bass, this is not dubstep, and this is not techno or dance. In electro house, I've noticed that a kick that has a nicely tamed volume is better than a stronger, overpowering one. If not using fantastic equipment, the kick could easily overpower some of the other more important elements in the song. So with that being said, keep it as is.

2. I love how the synths work together and don't overpower each other. Everything has its place. I love that. You did a beautiful job. The lead synth is not too quiet. It wouldn't hurt to slightly turn it up, but make it any louder and it's gonna distract from the other instruments in the chorus. Since the chorus is gated heavily, making that lead louder is going to do more damage than good. Sure, turn it up a notch and see how it compares, but the way all the other instruments are leveled, it might make for disaster. I think the way you have it now is nearly perfect.

3. Now about that gate for the chorus. The hi-hats are not what is getting lost (because hi-hats that have atmosphere in an electro house song are key), it's the gate/kicks. Somewhere after the beginning, there is a slight tempo conflict with the gated and the kicks. It's very, very slight, but it's enough to raise an eyebrow and make someone question what's going on. The kick seems like it's coming in just milliseconds too late, or the gate is taking effect milliseconds too early. Depending on what program you are working on, you can easily zoom in and see about mistimed instrument loops/melodies that don't correspond with the other objects. That's an easy fix.

4. One quick thing is the glide the lead synth does between the two notes. It's a little too slow. Find a way to quicken the transition of that glide (which is a really nice touch!), and see how you like it. If you don't like it, revert back to hat you originally had here.

4. Overall, other than that thing I mentioned above, this song is gold. I can tell that you spent a lot of time doing this-- you didn't rush. That's always commendable. Details are key, and the mastering is spot on. In a song like this, nothing should overpower anything. Very nice work here.

aliaspharow responds:

lol with this feedback i really do think you do your name justice. I really appreciate all of it. the sidechaining is delayed because of the vst i use in FL (fruity peak controller)... i havnt quite figured out how to sidechain without it... my friend told me to try and use fruity limiter which i actually use in combination with peak controler in this.... didnt really fix the problem. Also I think I'm going to release another version of this song with an alternate chorus so I'll keep you updated :)

Really love the melody around 1:50, wish that showed up more. I was really going to get into a groove when it showed up, but then it never came back :( At 2:15 I think the lead is too quiet.

Really nice song though. Drum mixing feels really good to me.

aliaspharow responds:

I'm sorry i let you down johnfn! I will make new version with drop based around this melody just for you <3

The song has a great flow but the key part is too weak. Make the focus stronger(even though you did a great job on the chorus in the sense it reflects the main parts of the song) it needs a bit more difference to the rest. She song isn't super but only one part could do better. Five stars if the chorus was better. Great song

aliaspharow responds:

yeah its purely a mastering problem at this point. as you may have noticed I dont often go with such heavy drops, that being said I think it sounds absolutely fantastic for the point its at. thank you for your feedback

In one word: Crunchy.
Amazingly crunchy. Shame it's not for download, I would rock out to this almost non-stop.
Can't wait for the final version!

I can't say i am fond about the kick (too dry for my taste), but i really like everything else, especially the lead synth, it really makes this this unique, it reminds me of some brony musicians i used to listen to. The production is really cool too!! Aside from the kick (That bothered me a lot :c), really good job!!

aliaspharow responds:

Your face is too dry for my taste

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Jul 8, 2015
5:42 PM EDT
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