Stars, Coconuts and dinosaurs


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My entry for this interesting contest.

After crashing on this island, you wake up... youre wounded, its night, its beautiful.
Enjoy wildlife, and run amongst the beasts.

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This is a fantastic soundscape. I feel a lot of fear and also wonderment at the same time. Your use of gates is fantastic, as is that crash around 02:00. Completely took my by surprise. Wonderful job on this whole tune!

Whoa I must have missed this one, it's amazing what you did with the samples! They sound like completely new and unique. Congrats on 5th!

This is really a cool track. It has so much diversity which is it's greatest strength. I really like how you have crafted the sounds and made it dark and moody. What plugins did you use? With that said I think (which may not be true) that it would have been greatly benefited by a main melody to keep it focused. But overall the track is lush and interesting. Keep posting more.

Daru925 responds:

I used free plugins for the most part.
Cool little fx like hysteresis and fracture that create weird delays, some reversed samples, trancegates on horns for instance...
Just with eqs et automated delays one can create all kind of textures in no time.

Interesting title! I liked the percussion at the beginning, and the ambient, drone-like sounds that slowly started creeping in. Nice job with the sound design and progression. It has a really engrossing, dark mood about it, although it's a little minimalistic and slow-to-heat-up. The sound effects at 1:13 were cool. Sounds like someone took quite a large dose of LSD before landing on this island. I like the theme/mood of the piece, but I think it really should've picked up in energy before 1:55. It didn't need to be 5 minutes long. That said, I think the mixing and mastering is generally pretty good - I can hear everything clearly throughout. It would make great background music for a movie or something. The structure is well-done, and it's pretty smooth-flowing too. I think the part at 3:17 helped offer some structural relief effectively. Interesting how it starts to take on a more tranquil mood at 3:45, if still somewhat eerie. The mood and atmosphere you've created with this piece are just outstanding, and I love how you finish the piece as you began it. The full-circle technique is extremely effective IMO. Keep up the great work, Daru925! ;)

Daru925 responds:

Thanks a lot for the detailed review, and glad you like it.
The under lsd parts were originally intended as hallucinations; likely due to the wounds combined with stress caused by a hostile environment^^ Our hero goes berserk and it somehow helps him survive.

I decided to go full circle indeed to suggest that the "hero" survived through the night and can enjoy a peaceful day on this tropical island. But the drums are a "friendly" reminder that tonight, you have to survive again^^ and again...

Damn, son. Where'd you find this? But on a serious note, this is amazing atmosphere for the samples on hand. Amazing work on your part. :D

Daru925 responds:

Thanks, i want to post it in the soundcloud group if you dont mind, i think it would fit to the theme^^

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Jun 29, 2015
3:18 PM EDT
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