Fort Watauga

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The Indians killed them all.


Aww yeahh

I really love this, and all you music.

And I'm sure the N.A.'s had a legit reason. Maybe the music was too loud. lol. ;)

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Bosa responds:



Hello Bosa. Sorry about not getting to this song earlier, i've been listening to it for a long while now, I just havn't written a review... until now that is.

I must after reading your description I was expecting a more "indian" flavour, then those awesome bagpipes came in and immediately I discarded the indian image to feel the song better.

What i'm getting is a kind of festive feel. Like you would see in a great field, with dancing, festivities, campfires, and such smooth waves of emotion, of love, peace, and later on, even sorrow.

The french horns you introduce with that oboe and flute, really nailed that feeling of peace. Then it went all minor on my face, and this is where the sorrow, and slight overtones of darkness came in. It was quickly replaced by some peaceful, romantic strings though, so that ended quickly.

Back to the bagpipes after that, I felt this was a good move. That bagpipe sounds live. I know you have some friends who are able to play instruments, if this was him, I must truly commend him, those bagpipes are well played.

I must have listened to this song over 20 times, it just flows so well.

Loops well too, so good work. easily a 5/5 from me Bosa, another great. Keep them coming!

Bosa responds:

Fort Watauga is where all the fesitivties in our community are held. One, in favorite, is the Celtic festival. Every year, the colonists would hold a festival which contained mostly celtic craftsmanship. Once, a great battle forsaked them, and the indians drove them out. Well, we look back to those days and feast to our heritage. They had some dulcimers for sale.. I was going to buy one for you. The ones who sold them were dulcimer craftsmen. I learned quite a bit from them. Also, they had some medieval armor and weaponry. All was the jet of a blast.

Pretty Damn Good

This song is incredibly easy to visualize in some sort of a romance animation, well done.

Be sure to check out some of my stuff.


Bosa responds:

Indeed it is. Indeed.. it is..


I was wondering at the beginning: "What the fuck? I doesn't fit the description!". You got me ^_^!
Well, no constructive review this time. So, let's just say this is good stuff, again!
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Bosa responds:

Well, good to hear from you. It is but a coincidence that Fort Watauga is about 5 miles from my home.

Owh no, bosa did it again

the first instriment was cool ( dont know the english word for it), and than the classical "movie" music that you expect to hear in movies when a boy and a girl look eachother in the eyes and look trough the eyes and see the dreams of eachother , well it got nothing to do with me ( or my bad typing) , i will get you to the top!

Bosa responds:


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