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Forgive Me For I Have Fallen Off The Beaten Track. 112kbps would like vocals.


So Powerful.

This is such a powerful track. I don't know about Wintang's White Widow Weed, but this song makes me feel high just from listening to it. I don't know why you're looking for vocals, as all the music here sounds just fine to me. Do you have lyrics for these songs? Because if you're really in a pinch, I could try singing. I have some vocal examples @:

Keep Up the beautiful music.


That was a great track. It is really relaxing in how you use your synth. It is repetitive, but not in a bad way, but in a trance-like manner, I just drifted off listening to it. You got my five, keep it coming!


...man, NOW were talking!

This is really really sweet stuff, dark and moody, just the way I like it.

Really like the sliding thing that moves around in my left speaker, and the elec. guit that comes in on t he left one really beefs things up ALOT! seriously man, this is fucking awsome!

The worst thing about hte song tho is the beat. The beat should definitley be there, but its just that the samples really sucks, and its way too repetitive. Thats actually something i thionk you should work wiht a little more overall, you really make good buildups and make em sound real sweet, but then it kinda stays there. It does feel a little muddy when everythinkg is playing at the same time, some EQ should make things better. However, add a break here and there, remove a sound there, mute this and that for a sec or two, make thins move in and out of the mix to keep it interesting and non-cloggy!

Good shit man, ill be back at ur page anytime soon :)

another excellent tune!

wow another piece of tranquil tunage! did you use Fruity loops on this? the reason i ask is i've just got a copy and really haven't played with it enough!

Anyway I can see how vocals would go with this, as to how those vocals would sound what they'd be singing I have no clue but as is this tune is sweet I really liked all the sounds oyu had going on in this. and the beats we're really well set into the piece as they were subtle without being overpowering the synths in this were cool too, i'm sure i could pick out about 2 of them in this, aswell as the other sounds/instruments

this was another meoolw tune and again i really liked this

Peace Out man!


pitbulljones responds:

Thanks for the review, i used fruity loops for the drums that's it, everything else is done in cubase. I've always saw this song as needing vocals i have the melody line in my head and everything. its a simple beat nothing special just does it job, think theirs 2 synths in this and the rest is done of my guitar, i think...

thanks again.


Zeroed by cunts. Fived by happy cunts.

As it happens I've just been enjoying some well-crafted dutch White Widow weed (www, l0lz), and I couldn't have picked a better state of mind to listen to this new tune of yours.

I have to hit Backspace way too much tho.

Anywho, one of your most simplistic tracks, somehow it works wonders. The title is almost as good as the time I came up with "Birthdays of people you're not particularly interested in". :D

It has the Sigur Ros and Mogwai elements all over again, the glassy synth, the shards of flanger, the monotonous muffled drums, the arpeggiated overdriven guitar. Also made me think of Grandaddy btw.

But enough comparisons, the song is definitely an original pitbulljones, it makes me see things, and stuff. Lol. I crack myself up sometimes.

Not the best you've ever done composition-wise, but a great exercise in pure atmosphere.

I really can't think of anything useful to say, I keep making paragraphs and they don't ever seem to end properl

Here's a five and go check on my new tune, which I think is pretty good.

pitbulljones responds:

haha a stoner review, brilliant. i don't think i can take much from that review tbh but i think you liked the track XD sigur ros and mogwai again hmmmmm possibly, not so much as on others tho. anyways thanks for the 5.


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