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Milkman Dan inspired me to make this, hopefully you enjoy this song- please review- DrZ

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Getting better all the time!

The piano is wonderful! The bells were great too. You continue to impress me with your ability to improve with each piece. You take what the other musical people have to offer and put it to use. Another home run!

Derek says it's a pile of crap.

8:14 - Kitty lives!

First Audio REVIEW!!!!!

I Like this I might use this music in a future submission

DrZonka responds:

That'd be awesome Jwaldgar! You're stuff is very cool and keep makin them flash yo- drz


It reminds me of Dan's Ode to Angels. Isn't that a great piece? I love Dan's music, it inspires me too only too often, he is truly skilled in touching, soft pieces. I've given up on trying to compete with him in that field, i'm going all the way to epic fighting sorrow ;).

Anyways, onto YOUR piece.

That timpini and strings that come in later in the song, were very overpowering, I would very carefully look over that segment. I realize you want to give the piece some insane power, but volume isn't the way to do it, perhaps focus more on the chords in the background, and highlight the melody with that.

Love the bells though, gotta love that :D!

Again near the end, you have alot of overpowering going on, even moreso then the first time.

That strange clavo? melody you have going on after that segment was totally unexpected. I wonder if perhaps it was done in the best of tastes. I thought it was pretty well done, but be careful of those transitions, you did that once in the middle as well, and though it was a good segment, throwing something that has a different core then the rest of the song is like cutting an apple and orange in half, then putting half apple and half orange together, and pass it off as a whole fruit.

The piano progression, though constant, was what I think made this song. It was the constant variable, the foundation to the piece.

Anyways, another great piece DrZonka, I would just watch out for overpowerment from now on, imma drop the 5/5 bomb on your face this time, but next time I won't be as forgiving ;). I know you can do better and so I will be harsher to try and give you as many ideas as possible. Keep them coming!

DrZonka responds:

I do admit this is a very high intensity song and I overdid it a little at the end but I used electric strings that I thought would lead in well with the electric piano used in the intermission between the theme and the finale and at the end of the finale. However volume wasn't a thought for me. I recorded on a low volume which might affect how other speaker on other computers may have made it louder, idk. To be honest on my computer it sounds balanced, but meh, this is what reviews are for buddy, I'll keep volume in mind from now on! Thanks- [)rZ- ps for listeners, listen to it on a lower volume than you normally would, I might try and put out a fixed version in a few days.

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Sep 29, 2006
11:20 PM EDT
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