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Hello again,

Glad to see (hear?) that you're pumping out more vibes to jam to. Bless, bredren, bless.
Let's get down to it then...

-Atmosphere like nothing else. Fantastic flow that goes splendidly hand-in-hand with the general composition of this track. Thematically you've provided a great basis for transition by having the entire production so deeply and richly rooted in Jazz infused goodness.
-Quite mellow and funky but not tremendously complicated or overbearing. From an architectural standpoint this song doesn't trip over itself- however there's a counterpart to this in the cons list which further explains why this can in a turn be a bad thing.
-I love the sample in the beginning and more-so the way that it is handled. You do not drown out the voice even when you start approaching the 'body' of the track. The intro is clean and succinct.

-Length. I know it is likely meant to be a short 'ditty' (dutty? Hehe) but you've provided such a scintillating theme and style that I feel somehow deserves an actual 'story' to tell, if you get my drift. The body of the track should really elaborate on this leading to some sort of conclusion.
-In tandem with length and the aforementioned pro... From an architectural standpoint while this song is not cluttered- it is tremendously devoid of serious, meaningful progression. I've listened to this at least 10 times to understand it better and see if there was something that I had overlooked but unfortunately I have to stand by my analysis. You see- you've deliberately stepped into the realm of Jazz-infused hip-hop. Jazz in itself (much like various other genres such as trance) is based off the idea of an introduction, topic or theme, body and conclusion. It does not have to necessarily follow that exact order- and sometimes an element can be missing. It's simply that you've provided the introduction, theme and the body- but without any real sort of reveal or progression that unfolds as the body should. When you provide the introduction/theme, it's generally up to you to let that story evolve and weave a tale. Here it simply feels like the body is stiff and wrapped up in funky shit, dig? I would sincerely consider giving this track a lot more love and letting it evolve- or making the next attempt in this sort of vein simply flourish more profoundly.
-The echo, while great, might do well if subdued for some sounds in the track. I actually like the echo- but I thought there was simply a little too much which felt like there was a ghostly reverberation that sometimes can take away focus from the ambiance/atmosphere in the track (rather than, say, add to it).

That's my two pesos. Keep cranking out them goods, bredren,

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wtffff Sahn we needa sample battle! I recognize that jawn tooo, been lookin for the vocal cut for ages

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May 18, 2015
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