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La Valse D'Amelie (Cover)

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Author Comments

[EDIT: You can now actually watch me play this piece, on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC9yeL_iSXA]


I'm working on a few tracks lately, but it would seem that I haven't made anything new (that is finished)!
I still have some things on my backlog that I could upload, but I'd want to go through them properly and perhaps rerecord something etc.
But I actually found something interesting in one of my folders. My piano teacher had me record myself playing on a Yamaha piano sometime in 2012, so that I could hear my own playing to better hear my flaws and be able to improve. Well, here's the result of that recording that I just refound!
(It isn't edited or mixed in any way).

I played this surprisingly well, even if there are some mistakes, the tempo is a bit like it is, and I didn't quite manage to make the melody stand out at all points.
I can also hear both the pedal, and that I should've cut my nails long ago when paying this XD (I love that little detail more than anything else).

But yeah. There isn't anything special about this piano cover; it's pretty much the original arrangement.

The song is "La Valse D'Amelie", from the movie "Amelie".
The music was composed by Yann Tiersen.



I thought this was such a great song of piano playing. I'm a sucker for pianos and this one was absolutely great. I liked how in the beginning it was really slow and pretty and then it sped up and kept a super pretty sound to it and then it ended slow and beautiful, I loved it!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for the wonderful review, dude! I'm really glad you like my cover of this piece. Also, I think that the fact that this is a real piano recording adds so much to the overall quality :)

I like the slow tempo and pensive mood at the beginning. The pacing in this piece is very good. I like how the energy picks up around :45. I can see an old ballroom, and a couple dancing (slowly at first, then faster as their passion grows). It is a bit minimalistic compared to some of your other tracks, but still very pretty and flowy (as almost all of your piano solos are). Seeing as this is a cover, I can't exactly give you points for originality, but I like how you brought it full circle at the end with the slow dance again. Solid transition at 2:32. Anyway, keep up the good work, LSD! ;D

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hi again! :D
I'm glad you like the tempo and pacing. I've told you a million times, but I like it when you share your visuals XD

And yeah. The reason this seems minimalistic, is because the arrangement is not mine. And even if it was, there's not much to add to this piece; there's not enough room nor time for the fingers to move much, unless you want some really weird harmonics :3

A cover can be original, but this one, surely is not. It's great that 2:32 worked! I always play it like that :D

Thanks again ;)

One of my favorite childhood movie soundtracks, and I'm glad you didn't upload the "Comptine" piece. oh boy, some nostalgia coming...
You play this with a steady rhythm, and you captured it with the right amount of energy.
I kinda of like this recording a tad more from the original for two reasons:
1.) the recording isn't as so clean (yes I prefer that on piano sometimes)
2.) Your phrasing is continual whereas the original has a stop and go feel in the middle section. This gives me a different angle hearing the piece because the harmony seems to draw my attention more, but also it just drives more here because of that. I just think its more fitting to describe the passion that comes with the theme of love.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I do like Comptine d`un autre ete as well! But I definitely prefer Kyle Landry's version better than the original. Check it out ;)

This is an amazing piece, in my opinion. I get what you mean with the "not so clean" thing. I really like when a piano is just a little bit out of tune and when you can hear some extra noise sometimes.
I kinda agree with the phrasing thing too.
It's interesting; when I started out playing the piano, I for some reason played pretty much everything way too fast! But for this track, it kind of fits! I think the speed really can add to this piece. I guess I just played the piece the way I felt it; I rarely pay much attention to the specific timings and amount of volume of the separate keys in the original: I pretty much play my own way, the way I interpret a piece. I'm sure you do that too :)

Thanks for the nice review! Waiting eagerly to hear more of your amazing uploads ;)


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LucidShadowDreamer responds:


Lucid, I could listen to your piano playing all day :)
Very beautiful played man.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Aww, thanks a lot man :')
You know I could listen for your work for an etenrity (your guitar playing is sooo good too)!

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4.36 / 5.00

May 6, 2015
5:43 PM EDT
Solo Instrument
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2.6 MB
2 min 49 sec

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