dj_padman - Toxicity

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Hard techno. Hope you like it. Drop a comment!



this sound sgreat man i can twai ttill here it when i get new headphones or ear phones cuse they BUSTED AGIAN RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRR BATLE AGENTS THE HEADPHONES I SAY THATS THE MOST MONEY A DJ SPENTS ON ! ISENT THAT TRUE? XD ops caps ........ ugh this makes me wana og to to the store and buy some headphones but i wana take my holidays resting .. good song there a surprice for u! Audio / dj-padman1

Thanks for your vote, MuSic-Creater! You voted 5 for dj_padman - Toxicity, raising its score from 4.00 to 4.20.xd tip i can tlel the voulum to loud i htink enyways dont leave ur voulum levl of the sounds full blast on fl! just leave them at normal cuse if one sounds louder than the other one it makes the other sounds disorganize.sometimes it leave a cool effec sometimes it makes it stupid .. XD oh btw i responded in the pvt messege inbox . cya padman

dj-padman1 responds:

you're right as usual, compression is not one of my strengths. man, no time for resting, no go and make some music now, I command you!!
nah, fair enough, we all gotta chill sometimes. Thanks again :)



[Thanks for your vote, i2abbitz! You voted 5 for dj_padman - Toxicity, raising its score from 3.67 to 4.00.]

has that super dark feel to it.. gotta love it man.. wow..

and the constant energy..


check my newest! (its a dream)

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks mate, glad you liked it.
Will check out your latest right now!

oh a techno one now eh?

wow!....oh wow! i love that beguining then the up beat rythums but the snares really kneed to knoch up a bit i can hardly hear them, but i wasent really listening to them so it could be my fault, or yours for making an excellent peice lmfao...im messin...yeah really good job on tec catagory now it shows your ment for more then what i expected ^.^

keep them commin (im gonna like stop sayin that now, ill just get surprised)

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks mate, long time no see! Glad you liked it. I'll probably make a second version of this one and fix the problems.
Like you say, the snare is way too low! Can't have that in a techno track. And the compression in general is a bit shonky. *screams like a woman*
Thanks for dropping by mate.


i like that beginning. The snare could have been a bit louder, though. The acid is cool. Me likes. :)

All you need is a heavy bass drum, and possibly a little more rhythmic construction. Did you compress this? It might keep it more balanced if you turned it down slightly.

So just make things stand out a bit more, that's it. I like it though, it needs a bit more character though.

Oooh nice thing there with the pan. :) The ending is sweet, too. :)

Ah, good work dude. I look forward to hearing more from you soon. Keep it up!


dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks man, I churned this one out super quick just for the hell of it. I should go back to it though, because I was kind of happy with some of the acid.

You're dead right man, compression is way off on this one. I lost the plot a bit! damn!

The next one will hit the spot, I promise!

Thanks for dropping by, you're getting to be the 'Master of the AP'. Always appreciate your feedback. But go easy on the 10's ok? ;P

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Sep 28, 2006
12:02 AM EDT
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