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It's been a tough year. That being said, I'm glad that I finally decided to finish a song. I started this one back in January, and I've worked on it and scrapped it, and tinkered and toiled with it and everything in between since then. After all of that, I think I managed to find something in the track that I really like.

'Daily Life' is very light and straightforward. There's really nothing complicated about it. I wanted to base it on living quietly, in a peaceful way. In fact, I was inspired by the track 'Adventure' from the FEZ soundtrack by Disasterpeace. As a result, it has a kind of 'neo-retro' vibe to it, I think.

I am thinking about adapting the theme of this song into an EP or album of some sort, with similar sounds and with a similar feel (obviously it is very game-oriented). That remains to be seen for the time-being. In the meantime, I have to complete a soundtrack that I'm working on! More on that soon.

What do you think?

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Thoughts while listening:

Love the bells...nice to hear well-orchestrated synths! I am totally digging the crap out of the vibe here! So peaceful! The accidentals in the solo do take away a bit...in this piece maybe it would be better to keep away from stepping outside the key. Very deep vibe going on with the strings vs. bells. This sounds like what I would like to hear after winning a game on the old Sega Genesis! Very nostalgic that way.

Thoughts after listening:

Peaceful, quaint, flowing. Wow, if this is your daily life, then you've got it made! My "Daily Life" would be a lot sharper, for sure!

Some good things:

-Great orchestration. I am utterly pathetic at using synths, so it's always great to hear someone who can do it right!
-You've captured a great flow/soundscape. It sounds like clouds with an epic speech about the meaning of existence in a cinema...on a videogame soundtrack.
-Loved the interplay with the strings and bells. Always gave me something to shift my attention to!

Some things that could be improved:

-There's a couple spots where the accidentals jumped out of the key. Sometimes that can be pretty cool, pulling a nail-biting noise out of the piece, but for this, I'd suggest staying on key, as the piece is not the kind that's designed to twist the ear.
-I'd like more of a buildup into a full release. This song could totally EXPLODE...but you stayed at the same intensity. Peaceful, but there's more to 'Daily Life,' right?

Overall: Loved it! Great tune, my friend!

Has the year been tough in terms of writing new music and finishing old stuff? Because I can totally relate to that frustration if that's the case.

I really do like chilled, mellow music like this every now and again. I definitely can see the connection with the FEZ soundtrack in the instrumentation and progression. It also reminds me a ton of something that I'd expect from that upcoming indie title "Night In The Woods". The simplicity and light instrumentation seem to go hand-in-hand with the simple visuals of those games. I'd be totally okay with roaming around in one of the early areas of a game to this. It's very pleasant to listen to, yet never too obtrusive.

If there's one small thing I'd suggest, it's to remove/alter that chromatic pitch at 0:54-0:55(ish). It's causing a sudden dissonance that I don't think really serves your piece in the way you'd want, and it sticks out to me every time the song reaches that spot.

It'd be cool to see an EP of this style from you, though I think you have quite a number of talents that could be shown in numerous EPs. Always cool to hear something new from you, Neon! Can't wait to hear what "soundtrack" you're working on :3

Neon-Bard responds:

It's been a tough year for a number of reasons, mostly personal (which has inevitably made it increasingly difficult to write anything). As with every hurdle in life, you have to pull yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on.

It's great to know that it fits into that early game vibe and aesthetic, I was going for just that! FEZ was a large inspiration and it's good to know I've captured a similar essence in this track. Though honestly, I still haven't gotten far in the game (oops). I'm going to have to check out Night In The Woods, this is the first time I've heard of the title.

Excellent catch about that pitch at 0:55, I was too engulfed by how the mix sounded that I completely overlooked this part. Many thanks for pointing this out. Also, I really appreciate the kind words, it's nice to know that what I make somehow resembles talent hahaha! I'm still undecided on the idea of an EP as of yet, but who knows...? :)

I fell asleep in my chair when I first played this song.

Neon-Bard responds:

I sure hope it was a "this is relaxing" kind of sleep as opposed to "wow, this is boring..." Haha! Thanks for listening. :)

I thought about zelda in the start... nice

Neon-Bard responds:

Wow! Zelda huh? I never would have associated this song with something like Zelda, but that's cool! Thanks for listening. :)

Really great! An awesome way to start the upcomming weekend. It has this minecrafty feel and you also managed to make it sound like a nokbient track (nokbient must be my favorite composer of all time). So nice to hear from you again!

Neon-Bard responds:

Thank you for the kind words VGM! Huh...it kind of does sound like something out of Minecraft, I didn't realize that until now. I just checked out Nokbient -- I like his style! :)

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