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"What is a Creative?" That's the theme of this week's podcast where Rob and I are flying solo (duo?) on another 'hot cocoa show.' Check out the outline below with timestamps if you want to skip to a particular topic. We talk about why our career (animation) and creative careers in general are a bit different and sometimes hard to relate to by those that aren't in this type of field, what type of pressures we're under and how we cope with them, and the all important topic of wrestling work and personal projects at the same time. Drinking game to NOT do... sip whenever I say objective or subjective. Yea, don't do that.

My hope for this week's episode is that we articulate why being in a creative field is so weird and seemingly incomprehensible to even those close to us and why that may not matter (and that's a good thing). I kept this episode clean so if you want to send this to someone who you feel doesn't understand you, wants to, and you don't have the words or time to try explaining it... feel free! And let us know what you think about this topic in the comments section. How do you understand your career? How do you deal with the unique pressures it presents?

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(9:03)   It all starts with a message from Billy Dragon Trask
(13:44)   Topic #1: Why is our career different?
(15:25)   "How are we judged?" - Objective VS Subjective criteria
(26:23)   "How we get jobs?" - The Bad, The OK and The Good
(32:27)   "How do we fulfill those jobs?" - Clients' goals filtered through our personal creative expression (do they own you, are you a hired gun, or do you share creative ownership?)
(38:37)   Topic #2: Work Projects VS Personal Projects
(39:29)   "What's the difference?"
(41:05)   "Who's goals are they?"
(45:36)   Topic #3: Energy management VS Time management
(48:10)   "Why are we talking about when referring to 'energy'?"
(57:26)   "How do you replenish your reserves?"
(1:01:37)   "How do you deal with motivational issues?"
(1:07:20)   SHOUTOUTS #1: twitter replies (JK Riki, Greg Pugh, Peter J Casey)
(1:08:00)   "What is passion, really, and how does it play into our work?"
(1:12:53)   "Replenishing energy reserves... or being lazy?"
(1:16:59)   "Can you just force yourself to do creative work?"
(1:25:22)   "Do you always have to like what you do?"
(1:28:14)   The balance between "skill" and "interest"
(1:33:01)   Topic #4: The Battle Between You LIFE and YOUR Life
(1:36:54)   Creativity, the merging of "selfish" and "selfless"
(1:39:40)   Remember why you're doing this.
(1:42:36)   "Will anyone ever understand me?"
(1:59:38)   SHOUTOUTS #2: facebook comments (Billy Dragon Trask, Benjamin Shelly, Andrew Kaiko, Martin Bell, Ronald Chaparro, Chris McEwan, Mathius Schulenberg, Mark Porter, Samuel R. Albro)

Stephen's VLOG series in creating an animated short (playlist includes episodes 1-8) mentioned at the 1:19:55 mark in this episode of the podcast

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Rob getting tongue tied from "Active and passive procrastination" cracked me up so hard.
Also as an aspiring animator I'm begining to understand some of the problems with being a creative.
I think most of it comes from the fact that creatives can understand that 'non-creatives' put in a lot of hard work and effort into what they do and creatives respect that but 'non-creatives' often find it hard to understand that creatives also put in a lot of work and just because creatives enjoy what they do doesn't mean its an easy job.

rubberonion responds:

Yea it's weird the way that works. At this moment in history, art as a career is not really something that's seen as 'legit.' At least not 2 legit 2 quit (I couldn't help myself). But while everyone just innately knows that "normal" careers are work and what kind of work it is an the effect that takes on a person... not everyone has that same visceral knowledge of being an artist. People think that because they drew pictures as a child that my job isn't work. But just because I built things out of LEGO when I was little doesn't mean an engineer's job isn't work. It just... the association of implied serious work flows upward from "creative" jobs to everything else and not back down. Hopefully this episode helped articulate some of that so it CAN flow back

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