Last Era, Evening Stroll

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Damn, i wanted to publish it for months but i wasn't sure if we are already finished with it. It felt great to work on it but I am out of ideas and K-Pone has some technical problems regarding LMMS + this piece. We never really decided to give this one a title either. I gave it the title "Last Era, Evening Stroll" because it was saved as Last Era on my USB and Evening Stroll kind of fits the song.

But now... to the details.
We used the Jclive Soundfont, ZynAddSubFX and the SID tool to make this masterpiece happen. And yes, i consider it a masterpiece because none of us ever had such a catching song. It really catched us.

I think this is the best collab of us so far. But feel free to share your thoughts as well.


Up to this date this song is still one of my favorite electronic songs. Well done.

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Darknessbreaker responds:

This is one of the nicest things you can ever say so a composer! Thanks a ton!

When I first heard this, I didn't read the description and swore this was an amazing remix of a Touhou song with an extremely original flair. Then I read it and discovered it was ORIGINAL and was blown out of the water. You and K-Pone did some great work on this piece. I also think a little bit of your experience working on Touhou songs caused a little bit of that style to enter the piece, if just for a moment. The instrumentation choice was fantastic, but the mastering could have had a tad bit more work. I think Jernemies basically summed up this song in one nice little package. Overall, this is a great song and I think there is some untapped potential inside it (but every song has that problem). Whenever you feel that musical itch to just pen an idea down into a track, don't ignore and act on it immediately.

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Darknessbreaker responds:

Haha, thanks a lot! We worked on this for almost a year if I am not mistaken and I am so satisfied with the results. :D
A sad thing is that I can't get motivated to do something, although I've got some ideas for Touhou (Old Gen) remixes. I try to get up soon and make them even better as K-Pone and I did this :D

The most perfect song I've heard so far on my scavenge throughout Newgrounds. Sounds like it should definitely be in a game like MMORPG of sorts maybe something even more. Amazing job dude really great!

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Darknessbreaker responds:

Such kind words of yours, thank you very much for them! :)
Well we worked as a pair on it and both of us made what he was good at i guess :3
I try to keep it up!

Good flow. Catchy. Nice selection of instruments. Great job guys. :)

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Darknessbreaker responds:

Thanks :D Means a lot to me at least and i bet it also means a lot to K-Pone! We tried our best to make this project great :D

Even though nobody asked for it, I felt like dropping by and saying some choice words here, so here we go:

Immediately after listening to this, I want to ask a question: Why doesn't it loop? :( It literally starts and ends with almost the same part, so I don't see why not. But meh, it's a nitpick, it'd just have worked so well.
I feel like the lead instruments are given too much leeway in the mix, without actually having the space to do that. The first lead instrument, the steel drumish thing is a perfect example, but it also applies a little to the piano also, and the synth at 3:35ish is which caused me to question this. :(
Conversely, I feel the bass should have more space in the mix. The bassline is nice, it should be audible :(
The piece doesn't evolve. :| Lucky we have solid melodies and drum programming to make up to that.

The drums (kick, snare, hats) are also far back in the mix, but on the other hand, it gives them a background-ish feeling. Still feels like they should have a little bit more breath room.
The choice of the soundfont with the synths give it the feel of an old RPG. I can't say that it's bad though.

The melodies. Even though the piece doesn't evolve in itself much (if at all), the melodies do a lot of work to keep the interest up. :)
The drum sounds are from the soundfont, so not so much to say about that, but the drum fills and variations are very well done. :) Not humanized too well, mind you, but considering the RPGish GM sound, it doesn't really hurt the piece.
The synths sound great :)
It has a nice feel to it. Not the same feel as a live band performing with a lot of soul in it, but more like a how a great game soundtrack does things.

In short, it is a nice listen. The mixing has its shortcomings, but it's not that everything isn't audible, it's more not everything being in their place. A stationary piece chord progression-wise, but the melodies do their best to try and vary it up. Its merits help overlook a lot of teeny-tiny negatives I propably didn't even notice.

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Darknessbreaker responds:

Hey, thanks for dropping by and leaving the kind of review i love to read :)

Well... the loop thing just didn't come to my mind i guess, although it may sound really great. I wanted it to end how it started so i really couldve just looped this one :)
I guess i made some mistakes here and there when i decided how loud the components of the song should be. I did it with my earphones and the bass sounded great that way but without my earphones, it sounds pretty far away so i guess i just should've done that without my earphones oO. I should really re-balance this without earphones, i guess. For the drums, i am not too sure though. Gotta experiment with them a bit.
We first decided to do most of it in the FluidR3_GM Soundfont but then i tried jclive. I think, jclive really gives the feel of a nice old RPG thing which i personally really like.

Oh yeah the melodies. Especially the piano is what stays in my head for sooo long. It's so catchy to me :)
For the drums, I thought it wouldnt be enough to just have one drum cycle throughout the entire song, so i added another one (after expermenting a bit in another song of mine last year). I think it adds much altho it is, as you said, not really humanized.
The synths really are awesome. Probs to K-Pone (if i am not mistaken, he made the ZynAddSubFX-synths). ^^

Thank you once again for saying your thoughts on this one. It really, really helps me out. I'll try to fix some problems this week and try not to do the same mistakes in my next songs. :)

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