DJ Sash - Future Dimension

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FIRST real freeform attemtp.Fast as heck.Don't comment on that,coment on sumthin else. XD



Ok I know I gave you 8's and 9's for some categories, but overall, this song was definitely a 10++. The first time I heard it, I blasted it so loud on my speakers and it was amazing! I love how the song is so fast and energetic. And also, I love that synth! This song was probably the best I have heard in a month on NG.
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The start needs to be built up more, the melody is very driving and fast, maybe not progressive enough but it doesn't have to be.

Work more on build ups. :)

Cheers, and check out my audio.


Rave4Yourself responds:

Ah, good a review from a fellow trancer, ;)

kk i shall dude, buildups i know. this was an old track, i was just trying to make freeform, lol.

anyway, i'll check out MORE of your stuff, :P


I Play alot of DDR and this is something that i would choose to have as a Bonus track...

This song would be great for a fastpace flash. I LOVE this Stuff man! Keep makin' it come.

Rave4Yourself responds:

Haha, fantasticisizing!

I'll make more. 8D


Its nice, and refreshing

I see this as a mixture of Drum n Bass and Goa or Psy Trance [however you wanna call it]. That's why i said it's refreshing, because you dont really see songs out there with that lethal combination.

When it first started off, i thought that if you incorporated the DnB aspect and Hard Dance instead of Goa, it would've sounded much better. I still think that. Rather than have some of the synth sounds you used [which by no means am i saying they are bad], you could've used the saw synths used in hard trance and dance songs. It would've fit in with the song perfectly. Also one thing that would've made it better [for me], was if the bass was EQ'ed a little more. You can feel it there but it doesn't 'drive' the song, needs that extra something. some compression maybe.

In all its a great tune with crazy riffs and a crazy combination of 2 gernes. Very well done man.


Rave4Yourself responds:

Thanks man. Its goa? I thought goa had to do only with how the percussion is, not the sound-choice (told to me by G-rave, :( ) Yea, I'll probably turn up the bass and make it more powerful, thats how all Hardcore genre tracks are. Thanks man, but i thought i put in a saw later on? In the climax, oh ok, the 303 acid was too loud, XP

Thanks man, your stuff's cool too. Do you still talk to Zydar?

tee hee

this made me smile for some reason... iono?

i think some of the synths were overpowering, volume issues. tone some things down maybe. i love how its so energetic.

the pauses are awesome! iono why.. lol but i love it!

good steady beat. nice pulsy bassline. love how the lower synth changes up in pitch.

great melody.

its so chaotic but puts e at ease at the same time..



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Rave4Yourself responds:

LOL, SMILE? Awesome. I hope it was that climax that made you smile. Thanks man for the review, i'll check out your stuff, you can count on that, 1,2,3, :P

lol, later.

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Sep 24, 2006
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