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I really worked myself out on this one. I put some vox in the mix, sounds like DDR :P


((( GOOB JOB )))

This does sound a lot like something from that crazy DDR game, are you a ddr freak too??? i liked the way it all came together and the diversity of the music, i like also how upbeat and extremely fast it is but in a cool way, it was a good song...



Cool song dude, everything is tight, i was just hoping for a more deep melody in the background to give this song that umpff<--w/e. love the melodies and this truly is a great song, u said u were going for a ddr feel, go check out ffr, if u know what is, they have been putting ppls songs on there, this would definately fit in.

Originality-8 : Many sounds with this feel, but none that sound like it.

Diversity-9 : just lookin for that bass.

Clarity/Effort-10 : nothing to be said.

Keep ravin dude.

Awe son! This song is TIGHT!

Twas very good. I would suggest that you fill it up more in some spots. There were a few other spots that were somewhat unclear, and could've used a little bit of mastering. Though it has it flaws, I still love it.



the "go go go go" gets a bit annoying, and the vox seems over the top in some places, but man ian, this is th emost headbanging worthy of all your stuff, it makes me want to play some sort of Futuristic racing game like f-zero or gav-x or rush 2049, i did some guitar work on the old preview version, ill try to link it in a bit, sorry about not inviting u over, our basement flooded friday, and ive been cleaning that for the last 3 days, im free tomorrow, so yea, ill see if we can do somthing, cheers


In a chinese voice.

Lets get some things straight, shall we, before I start to review. Take none of this personally. It will probably sound unintentionally extremely critical, and most of the critism I'll give you, you won't like, and probably wont use. Just don't yell at me for doing what you asked.

To the song.

The song starts out rather pleasently, even though I hate fast paced techno. Despise it actually, because it gets rid of the flow asnd groove that techno/dance/trance should have. Your open hat sample lasts too long with the tempo of the song, and that causes the beat to sound crowded.

The filter type thing you have going sounded cool, but it slaughtered my sensitive ears on my headphones. Be more reasonable when dealing with hi amounts of resonance.

You have this annoying "Go" voice in the song, and its just driving me insane, with the amounts of excess noise that it brings to the track. Like, man, just use another instrument that will add to the song instead of add some trebly sound effects to it >:/

About the drums. This is the only real thing that bugs me in the song (other than the tempo). The kick lasts too long, and that makes a "Doo-WHUMP" sound on subs. Sounds like shit and offbeat on sub, is what I'm trying to say. I already went over the open hi hat, and the clap is... a generic 80s/90s clap. Come on! You could have taken the time to grab a clap sample off the net or used a snare drum or something. Also, the drums are rather non-diverse. Standard 4 kick with trance beat that never changes, and has no breaks, no break ins or break outs, nothing. Boring percussion.

As the song just finished and is looping now, it just dawned on me that I had better tell you about how this song is mastered.

It is noise! The bass you have is a "whoop" when it should be a shorter "dup" to compensate for your horribly fast tempo. The kick sample is too long. On really good speakers, this would sound like a big rumble sound, with no indication of a kick/bass division. Which is the reason why I don't like to have bassy bass synths... they are so hard to control and get them perfect.

The song is not repetitive, exept for the percussion. Good work there.

So now that I'm done ripping the song apart so it now a pile of very thin ribbons, lets go over my scores.

Originality sits at a very very medicore 4. You usually wouldn't think so, with the nice string riffs and the fast tempos and the cliche electronic synths, but that has been done millions of times on newgrounds. It would be nice to hear this kind of stuff in the professional industry, but on newgrounds, it just sounds like you are trying to blend into the crowd with Dimrain47, g-rave, and many others.

Diversity has earned itself a 7 in my books, siply because of the percussion. The halftime break you have sounds great, but when you get to the faster tempo part of it, it just resumes its normal trance beat.

Clarity is an 8. Kick drum, bassline, and "go" vox. Nuff said.

Effort is a 10. I never deny a musicians ability to put effort in his songs, and this song is very evident that you tried your hardest. Good work.

Overall, its a 7. The song itself is very good and enjoyable, but the mastering bugs me so. I like to hear my percussion very clearly, and this song too much of a treble feel along with the background synths.

Good work, my friend. You did a good job.

REMEMBER: I'm not trying to sound like a dick. I'm just trying to help you in the best way possible.


cornandbeans responds:


woa. Thanks. Hardly anyone tells me the negative points, I'm glad you did. I've been really confused with mastering and samples alike. I really have no idea what to do with percussion, except just the basic 4 step and just a tiny bit of dnb. You obviously know your way around this stuff, I can see from your experience and amount of songs. I think that the 'go' is probably compromisable, I was just going for a ddr like sound. :P Maybe you could talk to me on msn, I'm gonna relase a new track soon and having your opinion might help. :) Thanks again, anyone who gives honest critisism never classifies as a dick in my book. :)

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